Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Playdate, Parade, and Trick-or-Treat

Bowen and Caroline have been busy little kids since Friday morning. We kicked off Halloween weekend on Friday morning with a playdate at the Neville house. The kids gathered in their costumes for some spooky play and sweets.

Bowen was super hot in his Buzz Lightyear costume. Before we left our home he was saying, "Buzz off, Buzz off". He broke a sweat even inside the house. He was excited to get that costume on and even more excited to get it off. If our 2010 Halloween weather is in the high 80s next year, Bowen is going to be Michael Phelps (yes, just the speedo).

Bowen (Buzz Lightyear) LOVES Thomas the Train!

Kaila the kitty cat

Wilson (Woody), Bowen (Buzz Lightyear) and Evan(Captain Hook)

Ellie the little pumpkin

Wilson on the piano

Caroline (Hershey Kiss) in the bouncer. She loves it!
Is it Buzz? A baseball player? Or a Cowboy football player?
Bowen and Yasmine

Saturday morning we headed to downtown Windermere for their annual children's parade, hayrides and fellowship (EATING MORE SWEETS). We decided to give the kids a break from their costumes.

Halloween night we headed out for some trick-or-treat fun. Bowen really enjoyed his Halloween experience this year. Between each house he would say, "another trick-or-treat, another trick-or-treat". He wanted to fill his sack. He wanted to eat the Skittles and lolipops. He equally enjoyed his time back at the house passing out candy. After each group of "treaters" Bowen would yell out, "MORE KIDS". He just loved his 3rd Halloween. Caroline was a sweatheart the entire night. She watched the kids at each house, drank her bottle on the go, and waited until we got back to the house to go sweet dreams.

Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

Bowen used the word "guts" for the first time today. Daddy decided to get Bowen pumped up about cleaning the pumpkin guts. He enjoyed it so much that he decided that he didn't want that phase of the project to end. After selecting his design from the pumpkin carver(Daddy), we finished our 2009 Jack-O-Lantern. Bowen was the perfect little helper this year. Caroline sat in the middle of the action and enjoyed being awake past her bedtime.

Pumpkin Carving 2009

Bowen discussing design with the pumpkin contractor

Bowen telling us, "guts, guts..."

Caroline "little pumpkin"

Fall Festival Photo

Our family photo taken at the Winter Park Methodist Church Fall Festival. Taken just moments prior to the FLOUR party in my kitchen.

Flour! Flour! And more Flour!

This past Saturday we decided to make homemade sugar cookies with Bowen. We gathered the ingredients, bowls, pumpkin cookie cutter, FLOUR, and chair for Bowen to reach the counter top. He LOVED baking cookies with Mimi and Mommy. By the time the cookies went into the oven, we had 2 cups of flour on the floor, 2 cups on his shirt, and a 1/2 cup between his toes.

When we sing, "clean up, clean up" we're serious. Why not throw the baking sheet, mixing bowls, and baby in to the sink?

Caroline is sitting with confidence and playing up a storm with all of her toys. Her favorite toy right now is a musical mirrow. It comes with a rattle microphone. She just loves smiling into the mirror.

I asked Leroy to fetch his bone, NOT a bow. We're sad to say that Leroy is not a PetSMART graduate, but we love him!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Yeah Fall is Here!

What does fall mean for the Overtons? Pumpkin patches, Fall festivals, hayrides and, of course, FOOTBALL!

We're enjoying our children so much and are looking foward to sharing our adventures with our friends and family via a blog site.