Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Sweethearts

My friend Abby took yet ANOTHER incredible photo. It takes a major miracle to get Bowen to agree to sit for a photo, smile for the photo, AND hug up on his sister while doing it. The second trick is to get a 14 month old that is enjoying the world of walking to sit still for a photo. I just can't believe Abby was able to get this picture. We turned this photo into a card and sent it along to Papa, Great Papa, Granddaddy and Brantley for Father's Day.

Boy, I love my little munchkins!

Applegates come to Windermere!!!

At the top of June, the Applegate family traveled in to Florida for a visit. Caroline and Bowen had SOOOOOO much fun with their daughter Maddy. The kids were constantly busy. We went to Downtown Disney for lunch, train rides, splashground fun, and some shopping. Back at the house the kids stayed entertained by playing dressing up, "playing" washers, splashing in the kiddie pool, and bouncing in the the little bounce house. They were worn out each night!

It was so nice to have our friends here! We can't wait to take our family of 5 and crash their home next year!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Okay, so swim lessons are over and Bowen wanted to take a dip in the tub with his new goggles. Knock yourself out kiddo! It turned in to a game of peek-a-boo with Caroline. He would "boo" with his funny goggles over the edge of the tub and Caroline would run away from the tub. This was super amusing to both of them. So much fun!

She's a rock'n

Caroline is just getting all grown up on me. I can't believe how much she's doing. Whatever Bowen is up to, she's trying to follow him every step of the way. I pulled this horse out in to our family room and Caroline watched Bowen rock until he got tired of the toy and then insisted (by pointing and grunting) that it was her turn. Who knew she'd smile, giggle, and be so content by riding a rocking horse. She would laugh every time I pushed the button that made the horse neigh and sound off a trotting noise.

Hi Ya'll!

I just love this horse!