Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

We had a Tampa Thanksgiving this year. It worked out great! We ate lunch with my family and then headed to John and Lori's house (Brantley's bro and sister-in-law) for dinner. Can you say stuffed!?! Brantley and I stuffed ourselves, then we rolled ourselves out the door by 9:30pm to do some BLACK FRIDAY shopping until 1 am. FUN! FUN! Uhhhh..please slap me silly if you hear me talking about doing that ever again. Those Black Friday shoppers are a whole lot of crazy!

Santa Visit 2011

An evening trip to the Bass Pro Shop to visit Santa.

Kids w/ Santa:
Santa: Ho, ho, ho!
Bowen: (walking right up to Bass Pro Santa)"Santa, I've been a good boy. Here's my letter. This is my sister Caroline. She wants makeup for Christmas. This is Davis. I'm not going to sit on your lap. I'll stand next to you for a picture.

Caroline: Daddy hold me. No Santa.
Davis: (upon sitting him in Santa's lap) WHAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!

It's a Christmas miracle that we got a half decent photo. Of course, Brantely and I had to squeeze in the shot to make it happen.

Caroline thinks thought that the decorative presents under the big Bass Pro Christmas tree we hers.

You will notice that the kids are in public in their pajamas. Well, when you do late night events...it just makes sense.

Dear Santa,

Oh yes, Bowen is already making his list and I wanted to share his first self written letter to the jolly St. Nick. He handed it to Santa the very next day. I know, it's not even December. That only means that his list will grow, he will make new revisions and addition to his first letter and we'll make a trip to the very large Macy's mailbox to send his letter #2 to the North Pole.


Caroline and Davis have become such good buddies. They spend 3 mornings together while Bowen is at school. It's so nice to watch this bond forming even at such an early age.

And yes....that is a NIGHT GOWN that my daughter is sporting! Changing clothes throughout the day is her thing. Let me correct myself. Caroline has a pajama fetish. She changes in to at least 4 to 5 different pajama sets in a day.

Orlando Calling

A night out!!!! Yep, my brother Matt and his fiance Barbie gave me a night out to Orlando Calling (concert series) for my birthday. My parents traveled in to town to watch the kiddos while we spent the afternoon/night enjoying a few drinks and music. We had SOOOO much fun!

30 what?

Turning 30 something hit me hard this year. What I mean is after this particular year I feel every bit of 40! My hope is to make my 36th....I mean 31st(ha) year a healthy, spunky, fun, and a bit more relaxing year. Okay, okay....I've stopped laughing at myself with that "ya right" snicker.

Here is a snap shot of me with my girlfriends. We all went out to celebrate Abby and my birthday. I love my gang!

Birthday Fun for Big D!

Birthday festivities for baby Davis entailed a sweet little weekday playdate with all of our friends' "little ones", cupcakes, football themed decorations, and a football ice cream cake (for the adults:)). He really enjoyed the crowd. I don't think he knew what to make of his birthday cupcake. A few tastes of the icing and he was finished and ready to escape the highchair for more play time. That's our busy boy!

Here are a few of my pictures and A LOT that were taken by my friend Abby. They turned out super cute!

Shortly following his party he had his one year check up. He is a "bruiser" according to Dr. Gordon (his pediatrician). That may have something to do with the enormous bruise he had smack dab on his forehead.
Weight: 23lbs 13.5oz (60th percentile)
Height: 30 1/4 inches (75th percentile)
Head Circ: 18 1/2 inches (65th perctile)

His measurements are almost identical to Bowen's at one year. He's a healthy little boy!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Applegate Visit

Last Thursday we loaded up the car and headed toward Raleigh, NC to visit the Applegates(Chris, Kim, Maddy & Spencer). ALL week Bowen told EVERYONE (classmates, parents, teachers, cashier at Publix AND Target)that he was going to see Maddy. Maddy is almost 4 and Spencer is 5 months old. You will have to excuse this blog post because it is SOOOOO long!

I just couldn't resist posting a few of the TON of photos I took of our families having a great time. First...THANK YOU APPLEGATES for hosting the Overton Circus. We appreciate all of the accommodations and for making it possible for us to have an adult night out! YIPPEE!!!!

While in Raleigh we shopped, Brantley and Bowen caught a Virginia Tech game at Duke, we went to a farm, the kids made Halloween crafts, decorated cookies, trick-or-treated, and played hard. Oh yes, and again, the adults had a double date night:)

Caroline is every bit a dress up queen since our trip to Raleigh. After hanging out with Maddy, all she wants to do is dress up in princess dresses. ADORABLE!

Again, thank you Chris & Kim!

A few photos by the river at our stop over in Savannah.

Brantley, Bowen, Chris and Maddy headed to a Virginia Tech vs Duke game during our visit to Raleigh.

Maddy and Bowen gearing up for their first college football game. Caroline posing in Maddy's Tangled dress (she couldn't get enough of)

Ready for a trip to Hill Ridge Farm

Sweet Spencer

Little Maze

Playing in the corn

Train ride

The Giant Slide!


Pumpkin pick'n

Ahhhh Overtons in the Fall

Our munchkins

Spencer and Davis take a wagon ride around the neighborhood.

Bowen even got to get in on some leaf raking action. Now THIS is Fall!

A quick photo before trick-or-treating. The couch photo was impossible!

Rain or shine, we were getting some CANDY!!!