Monday, March 26, 2012

TuTu Birthday Celebration

Caroline's 3rd birthday party was just tutu cute if you ask me. It was ALL girls...okay, and Bowen. He insisted in joining in on the dance party. It was a no brainer this year what kind of party to have for Caroline. She simply loves dance class and would go seven days a week if we could afford it. She asked for a ballerina party and she got it. All the girls wore tutus and danced for a solid hour. The girls spent the other 30 minutes eating cake. When she woke up Sunday she hugged me and told me, "thank you for my birthday". was sooooo worth it!

April 2nd is her official birthday. The week long celebration has begun:)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bowen's First TBall Game

We are getting technical here people. Video comes to the OverTonsoFun blog!!! Enjoy our first clips to be added to the blog of Bowen...
on first base

at bat

Hear her ROOOAAAR!!!!!!

Caroline's preschool class had a "lion" project on Monday. I just had to post this.

Happy Birthday Cousin Reagan!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Just Chillin

Cleaning up the camping gear was fun for everyone today.

Five Years Old - Fort Wilderness Bound!

Bowen took on Fort Wilderness with six of his buddies and their dads to celebrate his 5th birthday. The boys had a wonderful time. ALL the boys....had a wonderful time according to Brantley. I think they all ejoyed the great outdoors. They set up tents, cooked out, ate cake, rode bikes and scooters, roasted marshmellows, played in the woods, met Chip and Dale, found every stick in the woods and make some sort of lightsaber, sword or gun out of it, and had camping fun.

I had a chance to see the boys play during tent set up and dinner. I left to leave the boys to be boys after watching Bowen blow out his candles. When he got home the next morning he thanked us over and over for his camping party. He just might remember this one!

Did I sign up for this?


Bowen's tball Opening Ceremony was this past Friday night. His name was announced as his team paraded across the pitcher's mound under a large arch of balloons. After the ceremony the kids raced to the outfield where enormous bounce houses were waiting to be pounced. Can't wait to see him play on Tuesday. Keep you posted!

Slumber Party!!!

Okay, not REALLY a slumber party, but that's what we call it. Once a week we have a "slumber party" in our family room. We layout sleeping bags, pillows, rent a kid-flick and pop popcorn on the stove for Bowen and Caroline. They love it. Not a REAL party and no one actually sleeps in the family room. Yes, maybe we need a new name for it.

Every day is a party

A mix of left over preschool cupcakes, mini cupcakes and a special oversized cupcake to celebrate Bowen's ACTUAL birthday on the day of his birthday. We're not afraid of sugar at our house!

Mimi & Papa wish Bowen Happy 5th

Mimi and Papa bought Bowen a cake to celebrate his 5th. He was thrilled it was ice cream underneath that icing!!!!

Happy Birthday Claire! #2!


He looks like he is disgusted with my outfit choice.

Trucks (a slide and find book)is his absolute favorite book right now. We can hide it on the book shelf with a 100 books and he will seek it out.

Bowen's Preschool "Pre-Party"

Bowen's class hosted a birthday celebration for Bowen a week ago. I brought in cupcakes and Bowen's classmates created a booklet of art for Bowen. They sang Happy Birthday to him and presented their "customized" art work before digging in to their cupcakes. Each child had created a colorful picture of something they knew Bowen liked. The book contained several pages of footballs, Star Wars characters and a lot of monster trucks. This was such a thoughtful gift and so clever of his teachers to write what each drawing was.

Pink, Pink, Pink!!!!

On February 19th, Brantley and I took Bowen and Caroline to see Pinkalicious the musical. It was fabulous and the kiddos were glued to the stage. Pinkalicious, Goldilicious, and Purplicious are by far the most read books in our house. It was such a treat watching them enjoy a live performance.