Sunday, March 4, 2012

Five Years Old - Fort Wilderness Bound!

Bowen took on Fort Wilderness with six of his buddies and their dads to celebrate his 5th birthday. The boys had a wonderful time. ALL the boys....had a wonderful time according to Brantley. I think they all ejoyed the great outdoors. They set up tents, cooked out, ate cake, rode bikes and scooters, roasted marshmellows, played in the woods, met Chip and Dale, found every stick in the woods and make some sort of lightsaber, sword or gun out of it, and had camping fun.

I had a chance to see the boys play during tent set up and dinner. I left to leave the boys to be boys after watching Bowen blow out his candles. When he got home the next morning he thanked us over and over for his camping party. He just might remember this one!

Did I sign up for this?

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