Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving at Mimi & Papa's

We spent Thanksgiving day with my parents in Tampa. We woke to the Macy's day parade on TV. Bowen really enjoyed all of the bands and character balloons in the parade. Of course, our meal included about seven different casseroles and turkey. WE got stuffed on Thanksgiving!

Bowen really enjoyed turkey this year. Unfortunatley, that's all that we could get him to eat. No sides, just turkey. Mimi gave him a beautiful turkey sugar cookie after dinner that he truly enjoyed. Caroline ate pears and sweet potatoes (baby food) for her Thanksgiving meal. She's so ready to eat the real deal. She stares at our food with admiration and will grab at your spoon or fork if she's sitting in your lap.

Bowen brought along his indian head dress, drum and necklace that he created at school. Each preschooler was given a Native American name. Bowen's was "Laughing Eyes". When we ask him to show us his "laughing eyes", he tries to raise his eyebrows. He moves his eyes all over the place in an attempt to move his eyebrows.

Good Little Indian...
Bad Little Indian...

Our Little Indian...
Caroline LOVES her first Thanksgiving. I can't wait to eat some turkey next year.

After our meal we gathered for a family photo. We have so much to be thankful for!

Just Hang'n out with Leroy Dog

I just love my doggy Leroy. I giggle every time he's around.

I'm drooling because I just got my first tooth!!!!!!!!!!!!


Leroy is working the camera!

Now if I could just follow Leroy around the house!?! I'm working on it!!!!

Bowen's buddy Yasmine turns 3!!! (Tinker Bell Party)

Yasmine turns three...Tinker Bell style! What an adorable cake!

Watching the magic show around the pool.
Joe the magician was a crowd pleaser!
Did someone say pool party?
Anna and her little 3 year old!
The Tinker Bell cake was a huge hit with all of the little girls at the party.
Ellie and Caroline find their own fun at the party.
Bowen at the bubble table with Kaila and Jack Reed.
Yasmine was determined to get in that pool. Evan looks so tempted.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ho! Ho! NO!!!!!!!!

We've been talking about Santa since Halloween with Bowen. We read books about Santa, watch videos, and talk about what a jolly, friendly man he is. This, in hopes that Bowen would waltz right up to Santa and smile for a photo. It's all about strategy! I thought if Bowen saw Caroline in Santa's lap grinning ear to ear that he would warm up to the idea of sitting in a stranger's lap (a stranger with funny red and green clothing and white hair w/ a fluffy beard). HA!!!!!!!!! Silly me.

Before leaving for the mall, we sat down and wrote Santa Claus a letter. Boy did he hold tight to that letter. He was going to give that letter to someone. He tried to hand it to everyone we saw in the mall before seeing Santa. In his letter he asked for toys and NO clothes and stated that he had been a good boy all year. Bowen was quite content as we waited in line. He watched as Caroline took photos. Then it happened...Santa asked Bowen to sit in his lap. WHAAAAAAH!!!!!! The photographer and assistants did an amazing job distracting and making him smile. Kuddos to them!

Caroline meets Santa....

The photographer's assistant was dancing around so much to make Bowen smile that Caroline got super serious. I'm sure she was thinking...just smile brother. Make this guy stop acting like a fool.
The kiddos with St. Nick

Flying solo in Santa's lap

What do you mean you want to read my letter right now? (the sobbing returns)

Alright already....

Santa is such a good sport!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Trying to Crawl and trip to Tampa

She's a wiggle worm. Little Miss Caroline wants to go, go, go. She's lifting her little boodie in the air, straightening her arms in a push-up position and rocking back and forth. I know she can't wait to follow Bowen around the house. He completely dazzles her. If he is in the room, her eyes are locked on Bowen. She studies him intensely and typically ends up with a super big smile on her face. Happy girl! Oh, and yes that is drool coming off of her chin in the picture. Maybe she'll get her first tooth this month?

We headed to Tampa for a quick visit with Mimi and Papa. Bowen enjoys running around his Mimi and Papa's backyard. He was thrilled that he got to play some soccer with Daddy, Uncle John and Weston on real soccer fields during his visit to Tampa. He ran in to the house yelling, "I PAYED SOCCAH BALL"!!!!!

Mimi and Papa gave Bowen and Caroline The Elf of the Shelf (book and elf). Bowen named the Elf "Elfie". Each morning Bowen searches our house for Elfie's new observation point. He's been spotted in the china cabinet and on top of the refrigerator. Where will he be next??? Elfie is watching to see if everyone is being naughty or nice and will report back to Santa.

Look at me! I'm nice! I'm nice!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mommy turns 34!

I can't believe I'm 34. I don't feel like it. I wish I could say I'm all the wiser. HA!

The plans for my birthday were always to head to Disney and get our annual passes (taking advantage of the money disney gives you when you visit on your birthday). Brantley took a 1/2 day of work and we headed to the gates of Magic Kingdom to buy a year of good times for the family.

Caroline's first Dumbo ride

Bowen and Daddy watching a show at the castle

Caroline watching the show at the castle (zzzzzzzzz.....)

Surprise! Flowers and chocolate ice cream cake!!!!


Bowen is getting a hang of this opening presents thing!

How lucky am I at 34!?!?!?!?!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday to Kaila!!

YeeHaw! The Overtons headed to a 3rd birthday for Kaila this Saturday. The Reeds really know how to throw a party. With the face painting, 3 horses to ride, cowboy (and girl) hats, balloon maker, and yummy horse decorated cupcakes, the kids were in hog heaven! What a beautiful day to have a party outside. 80 degrees and low humidity. LOVING IT! Shorts with cowboy boots is all the style!!!!

Bowen is SUPER in love with horses right now. When the horses were loaded off the trailer and in to Kaila's backyard, he kept saying, "oh my goodness, oh my goodness" with a HUGE smile on this face. We have several horse ranches around the house here in Windermere. Daily we pull over (off the road) to come face to face with our neighborly horses. Bowen can spot a horse a mile away and is ready for mom to stop the car to say his hellos.

It's party time!

The birthday girl!!!!

Bowen and Evan getting warmed up for a real horse ride.

Evan (Spider Man) found the face-painting booth

Kaila takes her first ride on the pony! Each cowboy and cowgirl got their very own hat (hanging on the fence).

Bowen the cowboy

Caroline meets her first horse.

Side saddle would be so appropriate


Abby with her little cowboy (Evan).
Evan takes a spin
See ya'll later!