Monday, September 19, 2011

Meeting the Star Wars Characters

While visiting Tampa last weekend to celebrate Papa's 62nd birthday (happy bday Papa!), Bowen, Mimi and I headed down to Hyde Park Pottery Barn Kids to a Star Wars event. It was OUTSTANDING! I can't name all of the characters that were there (Bowen could) but there were a lot. Each child had an opportunity to shake hands, high-five, and take photos with all/each character. Pottery Barn passed out Yoda masks and had two different Star Wars themed crafts for the kids to work on after they had their photos taken. Bowen walked up to a Storm Trooper and pretended to have a life saber fight. The Storm Trooper was game for some pretend competition from a preschooler.

Forming a band...

and searching for a band name. Loud Clanking Noise was the first one that came to mind.

Davis ready for his 1st Halloween

Feeding time has ALWAYS been a struggle for me and Mr. Davis. BUT, this was a great opportunity to take pictures of his "jack-o-lantern" smile. Bowen calls Davis "Jack-o-lantern" every time he sees him smile. He has 2 middle bottom teeth and 1 upper eye tooth. Sweet!

This is what Davis does each time I bring a spoon up to his face.

The Great Pumpkin


Soccer Success!

Bowen is really digging soccer this season. It might have something to do with Brantley being his coach. Game 1: Bowen scored 2 goals! Game 2: Bowen scored 1 goal

He gets so excited when he scores. He immediatley looks for Brantley and runs to him for a high five. Then he turns to the sidelines and gives me a thumbs up.

This Saturday is soccer picture day. Stay tuned for Coach Brantley and Bowen photos:)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Downtown Disney with the "Things"

I know, I know, my boys went to the dark side! Caroline has to be a Gator! The UF fight song is her FAVORITE tune. She begs for me to play it(it's on my ipod) and then dances around doing the chomp clap! Such a smart little girl!

Orlando Science Center

Friday afternoon Brantley and I took the kids to the Orlando Science Center. It was so great to see Caroline really enjoy this outing. She was only a few months old the last time we visited the Science Center. Bowen of course really got in to each learning station and especially liked the race car ramp. Davis just spent most of his time relaxing in his stroller watching big brother and big sister run around like crazies. What a great baby!

Learning about sound waves

Bowen joined in on a cup stacking event. He built a fort.

Big sister always telling Davis what to do.

The racing ramp

Watching the race...each yelling, "I WIN"

Just hanging out

THE water table. Thank goodness for those aprons!

Bowen and Caroline braved stepping into a tube with Brantley to experience hurricane strength winds.

Dinosaur bone dig...

Still just hanging out

All aboard!

Barbie's Bridal Shower

My brother Matt & Barbie are tying the knot in February and Barbie had one of her bridal showers the last weekend in August. We had so much fun. Caroline kept saying that she was at a princess party. She especially enjoyed meeting the other flower girl. The theme of the shower was Breakfast at Tiffany's.