Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas at the Overton House

Christmas was just so much fun this year. Bowen left a key at the front door for Santa (a way to get in to the house w/out a chimney!!)and he also left a cookie for the big guy. Bowen woke up and ran to our room around 2:45am ready to start his Christmas morning. He NEVER wakes up in the middle of the night. His wee hours excitement came to an end as we made him go back to sleep in our room.

So we kicked off the day around 7AM with Bowen finding his scary dinosaur under the tree. ROAR!!!!!!! STOMP! STOMP! Okay, stop the dinosaur....Bowen is scared! Yes, scared of the scary dinosaur that he talked about for months!!!! He uses the remote for the dino when the dino is behind glass on the back porch. Scary dinosaur is not so scary when he's behind glass. When Caroline finally woke up in the morning (at a reasonable time:)) she was all smiles over all of the Christmas commotion.

Mimi, Papa, Uncle Matt, and Barbie (Matt's girlfriend) shared Christmas morning with us in Windermere. Granddaddy Jack came over in the evening to celebrate both Christmas and his birthday with us. Uncle John, Aunt Lori, cousins Reagan and Weston headed to our house the day after Christmas to share in the fun.

Santa's key to the house...

Early bird (dog) gets the worm (bone).
The super scary dinosaur!
Me and the munchkins!
All this for little old me?
I don't know why I'm smiling in this picture. Caroline looks like she's almost walking? I'm not ready to have kids going in different directions!

I love this stroller! It's holding me up!

Mimi and Papa made me a fireman for Christmas!

Mimi & Caroline

Barbie and Caroline
Uncle Matt and our sweetie pie
Granddaddy blows out his birthday candle

I think Bowen's favorite part of the holidays was heading outside to play with his cousins.

A stroll through the mall before Christmas.

It's been quite a while since I've posted any photos. The kids have been keeping us busy with the excitement that surrounds the holidays. I wish we could do it all again. The 2009 holidays were so extra special this year. Bowen really began to understand the magic of Christmas (and...you better be a good boy or Santa won't stop at our house) and Caroline experienced her first Christmas.

I had to place a post for our trip to the mall a few days prior to Christmas. Our shopping was complete and we could just take all of the holiday spirit in. We took a trip to the mall with the kids, listened to the holiday music, looked at all of the decorations, and ate lunch. We REALLY enjoyed Brantley's 2 weeks off of work!!!! Again, I wish we could do it all again.


Shopping makes me thirsty!!!!!!!!!

Daddy and Caroline (Brantley is smiling because we AREN'T purchasing a thing today:))
OKAY...will someone tell Mommy that this bow is bigger than my head!???!!!!!!!!!!