Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A stroll through the mall before Christmas.

It's been quite a while since I've posted any photos. The kids have been keeping us busy with the excitement that surrounds the holidays. I wish we could do it all again. The 2009 holidays were so extra special this year. Bowen really began to understand the magic of Christmas (and...you better be a good boy or Santa won't stop at our house) and Caroline experienced her first Christmas.

I had to place a post for our trip to the mall a few days prior to Christmas. Our shopping was complete and we could just take all of the holiday spirit in. We took a trip to the mall with the kids, listened to the holiday music, looked at all of the decorations, and ate lunch. We REALLY enjoyed Brantley's 2 weeks off of work!!!! Again, I wish we could do it all again.


Shopping makes me thirsty!!!!!!!!!

Daddy and Caroline (Brantley is smiling because we AREN'T purchasing a thing today:))
OKAY...will someone tell Mommy that this bow is bigger than my head!???!!!!!!!!!!

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