Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th Festivities

On July 4th this year we spent the first half of the day on the beach and then headed home with the kiddos (Brant had to head back to work Tuesday). We lit some sparklers in the backyard and called it a night. Actually, Brantley and I listened to the Magic Kingdom fireworks from the family room and watched them on TV (in the air conditioning). We're getting old:)

Photos of us saying..."go ahead kids, play with fire"

Kicking off Summer Vacation... Crescent Beach at the Overton family condo. Ahh...a piece of heaven with 3 little angels that kept us extremely busy over the 4th of July weekend. We shared the condo with Uncle John and Aunt Lori along with some of their friends AND the Casey Anthony case. I couldn't help but mention that because I AM SOOOOO DISAPPOINTED IN THE OUTCOME!!!!! Anywho...we had a great time at the beach and here are a few photos of some good times!