Monday, May 23, 2011

Yes....I got it!

7 days! 7 whole days it took for this monster of a virus to run through this house! UGH! First Davis, then Bowen overlapped with Brantley. Caroline started about a day after Brantley and Bowen recovered. I thought I was out of the woods and then smack!!!! Saturday early morning it hit me like a ton of bricks and I didn't see the outside of our bedroom until Sunday night. THANK GOODNESS for my "Mr. Mom" husband. Brantley did it ALL! All 3 kids, all meals, all diapers changes, outfit changes, baths, entertainment, you name it he was the "it" man. Thank you Honey for all that you do!

Now my Sweet Husband, enjoy your four days/3 nights in New York!!!!!! I know, you say it's all work and that you hate to go. I'll do you a favor and trade positions next time you have a trip. I'd gladly sit in coach stuck in the middle seat between to smelly(stinky), wide-seated passengers to have the off chance of being able to turn on my iPod and listen to one, just one song. OR, sleep in a foreign bed with uncomfortable pillows to be able to rollover and not bump into a 4 year old kicking me in the rib. Ahhh and the sweet sweet sounds of an alarm clock are such a distant memory. I can't remember the last time I've heard an alarm clock's angelic calling. Now don't get me started on sitting down and eating an entire meal in peace. Well....that's enough right now. You go and have a blast! You deserve it after this past weekend! Love you!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Just a rub for good luck:)

Sick little girl

Caroline is the fourth person in our house to get the horrible, terrible virus. It's a gastroinstestinal "thing". UGH! It's like an exorcism of your bodily fluids. I should say...exocism of THEIR bodily fluids. Mother Hen hasn't gotten it yet. Stay tuned...

Brantley took this picture this afternoon of two worn out girls. Caroline from being sick and Mommy from changing many dozen diapers and giving her a total of 4 baths. Tomorrow I bet she wakes up smiling and asking for another bubble bath!

Sitting can be so much fun!

Davis is becoming an old pro at sitting up. He's even a happier baby (if that's possible) with his new perspective on life. I've also noticed that Caroline and Bowen have taken a liking to his new presence on the floor. Hey! We have a baby on the floor with us. A typical morning...

Caroline: "Mommy...feed cherrios! Baby Davis!"
Me: (lauching over the coach, landing on a monster truck, holding in a swear word) "no honey, don't feed him food"
Bowen: "Look Mom! My baseball glove fits on his head!"
Me: "Nice Bowen. Let's be very careful with your brother's head"

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My friend Abby captured some awesome photographs of Bowen at our Saturday game. She looks like an ESPN photographer on the sidelines with her 3 ft long lense. Ha! And I am SOOOO grateful she took these shots.

Yeah Swim Test!

She did it! Caroline passed her survival swim course! Here are a few photos that my friend Kristy captured on her phone. Yes, little Miss Thang was NOT happy about being pulled into the pool fully clothed (shoes, diaper, sweater) but knew exactly what to do. I couldn't believe how she just knew when to roll into her float.

She screamed the entire test and then high-fived the instructor on the way out of the pool. That's my girl!

Happy 7th Bday Cousin Weston!

This past Sunday we celebrated our nephew's 7th birthday. I just can't believe Weston is already 7! It feels like yesterday that Brantley and I were dating and went for a hospital visit to welcome Weston into this world. CRAZY!!!!

This first picture was the only way that I could capture all the kids together. They are crammed in the back of the van on our way to the pool. Yes, still missing one. Davis was sitting one row up.

Getting ready to blow out the candles

Reagan and Weston

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happiest of Mother's Days

Happy Mommy with her happy munchkins!

Chubba Bubba turns 6 months!!!!

News flash....I had a baby six months ago today? What? Where in the world did those days, weeks, months go? I'm just happy to announce that we are all still alive and actually pretty healthy. Out of my mind you ask? Well, yes...I'm out of my mind but proud that we've survived.

Bowen asked me today to have another baby. He said, "hey Mom, I think I want two more babies. Dad will stay home with me while you go to the hospital and get the babies from the doctor". As I wiped the "you are a crazy little fool" expression off my face, I said,"I don't think so honey....I don't think so"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Updates on little Davis. He loves to sit up (May 2nd first time sitting on his own) and just learned to roll over from his back to his belly (May 9th).

Jack Reed Turns 3!!

Jack Reed turned 3 at the end of April and had an awesome pirate party at Windermere Downs Beach Lot. The kids had a blast. I think every child at the party made it into the lake in less than 60 seconds from the start of the party. They LOVED it! With two in the water...thank goodness Davis spent most of his time sleeping in the shade. I just had to share some adorable shots of Caroline posing for the camera in her new summer bikini from Mimi.

Hot stuff

Waiting on the cupcakes to be served

Eating cupcakes with the birthday boy

That's our Bowen waving on the back of the boat

Life is good

She wore an itsy bitsy teeny weeny....