Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Chubba Bubba turns 6 months!!!!

News flash....I had a baby six months ago today? What? Where in the world did those days, weeks, months go? I'm just happy to announce that we are all still alive and actually pretty healthy. Out of my mind you ask? Well, yes...I'm out of my mind but proud that we've survived.

Bowen asked me today to have another baby. He said, "hey Mom, I think I want two more babies. Dad will stay home with me while you go to the hospital and get the babies from the doctor". As I wiped the "you are a crazy little fool" expression off my face, I said,"I don't think so honey....I don't think so"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Updates on little Davis. He loves to sit up (May 2nd first time sitting on his own) and just learned to roll over from his back to his belly (May 9th).

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