Monday, August 6, 2012

Hello old friend!

I haven't written in quite a while. Summer has been crrrrrrrAAAAAzy! Let me clear that up for you. I've gone CRAZY!!!! The first few weeks of summer Bowen attended two Vacation Bible Schools and Caroline attended one. We passed on summer camps this summer and headed to Redington Beach(Tampa Bay Beach) for a week with Mimi and Papa and then enjoyed a week at the Overton family beach condo in Crescent Beach (St. Augustine). We have gone horse back riding, swimming, bowling, movies, swimming, played puzzles, swimming, oh PAINTED the exterior of the house(got to give Brantley all the credit...although I was in the house with the kiddos), a little more swimming, saw a great magician at our library, and took a trip to the Florida Aquarium. Bowen and Caroline are little fish. It makes taking Davis along a more relaxing experience. Although equipped with swim lessons, Davis has become an above water fish with some arm floats.

Schools supplies have been purchased, first day of school clothes ironed, backpacks monogrammed and gas money for the school bus (minivan) is hot in my hand. Bowen's teacher visited our home last week and he seemed to really like her. He will be attending the kindergarten in our neighborhood(Keene's Crossing). Caroline is still at Windermere Union Preschool(3 day 3 year old class) and Davis will be attending the Winter Garden First Baptist Mommy's Morning Out 3 half days this fall. Yippee!!!!! I can't wait to have the opportunities to volunteer at both the preschool and the elementary school this year:)

We are also gearing up for dance lessons for Caroline and soccer for Bowen. Coach Brantley will be back on the field with a soccer team this fall:)