Thursday, June 23, 2011

Our Overton 3

Crawl training?

I first want to apologize for the blurry photos. Second, I am not encouraging these two. We are in NO HURRY to have little Davis scooting around the house, yard, mall,park, or ANYWHERE!!!!!

Caroline held out Brantley's Blackblerry and Davis made is first push forward to grab the phone. Caroline kept saying, "CHEEEEEESE". She thought the phone was a camera and was egging Davis on to smile. She had no idea that she was teaching Davis to crawl. Now our little man slides backwards everywhere. The only time I've seen him go forward is to grab the phone out of Caroline's hand. Time to get rid of the blackberry:)

Just cute pics I had to share...

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Soccer Photos Take 2

These are obviously not from my camera. Thanks Abby!!!!!

Davis 6 month photos

My friend Abby does it again! She managed to capture some beautiful (sorry...handsome) photos of Davis. And now that he's sitting, photo sessions are so much fun and EASY. He's easily amused and can't go anywhere. The perfect combination for a photographer:)

Here are just a few of the bunch that she took. I'm so tickled she captured this milestone for Davis!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Trophy Time

Saturday morning Bowen played his last soccer game of the season and received his long awaited trophy. I think he was equally excited about the cupcakes and soccer ball sticker. Way to go Bowen!

So Pigtail Cute!

I'm having so much fun with Caroline's hair! It's really been growing thicker and longer and she LOVES "Bubba-bands" (rubberbands in her hair). Every day she asks for "bubba-bands". I've finally talked her in to wearing rubberbands and bows. It was one or the other with her prior to yesterday. She's very opinionated!

Yes, she's eating "infant" puffs that I purchased for Davis. I offered them to Davis and she swiped the container. Without my full attention, she managed to pollish off an entire container. I know, I know..mother of the year award!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Big D

While Caroline and Bowen were busy little bees at their Granddaddy's house, I had some extra time with Davis. I started taking photos of him and realized that I should photograph his little hands and feet because he'll never be this small again. I got so emotional and almost started to cry (given that he's my last infant and I need to savor these moments with him). Just as I started to get sad he gave me a "thumbs up"...with his toes! He put a smile back on my face and I just needed to share his photos.

That's my boy! He just so sweet and keeps getting sweeter.

Thumbs up (I mean toes up). It's all good!
Over the Memorial Day weekend we spent a lot of time over at Granddaddy's house. The kids had a blast swimming, boating, fishing and spending time with Granddaddy.

Bowen getting diving lessons from Daddy

Our 2 fishes

More dive practice

Captain Caroline

Granddaddy and Bowen with Bowen's first catch on Grandaddy's lake

Cheering Bowen on as he reels them in!

Memorial Day Photo Shoot

Okay so not a huge success, but they are all sitting still:) It could have something to do with the blinding sun in their faces or the scorching heat. I just had to get a photo of all of them in their matching outfits. It is quite impossible to find matching outfits for an infant, toddler, and preschooler.

Memorial Day at the beach

Saturday of Memorial Day weekend we headed to Ft. De Soto Beach (named America's top beach 2009 by TripAdvisor)with Mimi and Papa. It was a quick trip with the family but I really think the kids loved it. We packed a picnic lunch and everything we own and dragged it out on the beach for a few hours. It was Davis's first time on a beach and I think he really enjoyed sitting under the umbrella and playing on a blanket in the breeze. Caroline and Bowen spent most of their time running back and forth between the water and our umbrella. The salt bothered their eyes (as expected) so they sported lots of sunscreen and googles for the duration of our visit.

Look out Sports she comes!!!!!!

Bowen's Spring Program

Bowen sang his little heart out at his preschool spring program last week. He's come such a long way since his 2 1/2 year old production. He sings, he does all of the arm movements and let's everyone in the audience know that he needs to go to the bathroom! 80% of the show Bowen did his best impersonation of "Michael Jackson". I'm such a proud mama!

Just a glimpse into his "Jackson" tribute