Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Baby is turning 5!

I just can't believe Bowen will be five in 2 days. My baby!!!! Our conversation this morning:
Me: "Bowen, you will be 5 in two days"
Bowen: "I know. Will I lose my teeth then?"
Me:"No Bowen, not yet. Not unless you get them knocked out."
Bowen: "Will I grow a beard?"
Me: "Heavens NO!"
Bowen:"I'll just ride a bike with no training wheels"
Me:"Yes, that's a good start"

So we are all very excited for what Bowen's 5th year will bring. Mommy is certainly excited about some of that independence he has gained!

Bowen had his 5 year old photo shoot with my friend Abby. He had so much fun hamming it up for the camera. She took great shots. Here are just a few of our session together:)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

On Valentine's Day Bowen headed off to school, and I took the little ones to Epcot to assist my Aunt Barbara and Uncle Jack into the park. Bowen is still asking when my aunt and uncle are coming back to Florida. He LOVES house guests!

Matt & Barbie's wedding

When your entire family is in a take VERY FEW photos. This is all I've got. I don't even have one of Matt. More to follow:) I will share them as I receive them:) My brother sent along the group photo in front of the Tampa Theatre.

Caroline and Bowen were the perfect flower girl and ring bearer. They walked perfectly up the aisle, sat quietly during the ceremony, and walked like angels out of the church. Davis on the other hand was carried up the aisle (in my arms) and belted out cries when we got to the pew. I passed him off to my friend Elena who rushed him out of the church. CAN I GET AN AMEN! We made it through and did NOT ruin anyones wedding!!!!

Congrats Matt & Barbie!

Brantley goes skeet shooting

My brother invited his groomsmen to a little skeet shooting adventure and barbeque the day before the wedding. I think all the guys had a great time.

Matt (my brother), Dad, Brantley & my Uncle Jack

The crew

Caroline's First Dance Class

I realized that all I had was one single photo from Caroline's dance class. Everything else on my camera is a video. I couldn't help myself! It is the cutest stink'n thing you've every seen in your life. She was so excited to put on those tap shoes. She walked right in and started dancing and didn't look back. She wishes she had dance class every day of the week.

I will make sure to take more photos. Oh don't you worry! I'm on it!

Daredevil Davis

The boy will not stop climbing!!!!!

Monster Jam 2012 - Citrus Bowl Stadium

Bowen still loves himself some monster trucks. This OBSESSION has lasted at least 2 years now. We wouldn't dare think of missing a Monster Jam. This year Bowen went with a group of boys and dads to the event. BUT OH NO! Mommy is not going to miss a pit party. I know the truck names, drivers, whether or not there is a woman or man behind the wheel of the truck. I'm in to it, too (a closet Monster Truck fan). Pit Party ran from 2pm to 5pm. All of the trucks were parked outside the stadium to allow for autographs, photographs, souvenir purchases and the signing of crash cars. Grave Digger celebrated his 30th Anniversary and had a huge set up for signing and autographing. Bowen's highlight was getting Maximum Destruction's autograph. Brantley took over when it was show time:)

Adding autographs to last year's Monster Truck shirt

Signing the crash cars

Bowen had the time of his life when the show started. He really enjoyed that he had his pack of friends close by.

Someone found Mommy's camera...

...guess who?

Arbor Day in Windermere

Bowen's preschool celebrated Arbor Day by singing a tribute to the trees at Windermere's town hall. It was so sweet. They also had a chance to watch tree trimmers scale some of the tallest oaks, help plant a new tree downtown, and were treated to juice and cookies after their mini concert.

Jack & Diana's Wedding - January 14th

Congrats to Jack & Diana! Bowen and Caroline had so much fun dancing the night away!

HELLO Stranger!

Yes! I'm back! I've been so busy eating bon-bons and watching soap operas that I haven't had a chance between commercials to catch up on our family blog! DON'T I WISH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whew! What a crazy few months! It's not like we celebrated Brantley's dad's wedding to Diana, watched Bowen's class sing a "treebute" in downtown Windermere for Arbor Day, went to Monster Jam at the Citrus Bowl Stadium, started teaching Bowen how to ride a bike, got him all signed up for little league baseball, started Davis ina one day a week Mommy's Day Out class, watched Caroline dance in her first ballet/tap classes, went to more Disney parks(of course), answered the phone in the middle of the day to find that your son (Bowen) had learned his phone number (his teacher had each child dial home when they memorized their number), responded to a 911 operated because sweet baby Davis had dialed 911,headed to Tampa to celebrate my brother's wedding with a family barbeque, rehearsal dinner, bridal luncheon, and wedding (that the entire family was in ....AHHHHH!!!!). Now that we are kicking back...and all getting over being sick, I decided that today was the day to catch up on my blog. Hold on to your seat because A LOT of photos are to follow.

Your long lost friend - Jenn