Saturday, February 18, 2012

HELLO Stranger!

Yes! I'm back! I've been so busy eating bon-bons and watching soap operas that I haven't had a chance between commercials to catch up on our family blog! DON'T I WISH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whew! What a crazy few months! It's not like we celebrated Brantley's dad's wedding to Diana, watched Bowen's class sing a "treebute" in downtown Windermere for Arbor Day, went to Monster Jam at the Citrus Bowl Stadium, started teaching Bowen how to ride a bike, got him all signed up for little league baseball, started Davis ina one day a week Mommy's Day Out class, watched Caroline dance in her first ballet/tap classes, went to more Disney parks(of course), answered the phone in the middle of the day to find that your son (Bowen) had learned his phone number (his teacher had each child dial home when they memorized their number), responded to a 911 operated because sweet baby Davis had dialed 911,headed to Tampa to celebrate my brother's wedding with a family barbeque, rehearsal dinner, bridal luncheon, and wedding (that the entire family was in ....AHHHHH!!!!). Now that we are kicking back...and all getting over being sick, I decided that today was the day to catch up on my blog. Hold on to your seat because A LOT of photos are to follow.

Your long lost friend - Jenn

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