Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Davis is 18 months

18 months!?! What????? I forget how YOUNG he is! This boy thinks he's every bit of 3! He hangs with the big kids and acts like a big kid. He wants to eat with utensils, he wants to sit at the table in a chair, not a booster. He wants to swing on his belly in the big kid swing. He wants to put on his own shoes and tries to undress himself when I call for his bubble bath. Davis is happy, wild, easy going, wild, a little lover, wild and did I mention CRAZY!!!! He keeps me and Brantley on our toes and is a constant reminder of how complete he has made our family. Davis keeps all of us laughing. He makes it his mission to make you laugh. Yesterday morning he signaled that he wanted me to put his shorts on his head. I did. He kept them on and ran up to Bowen and Caroline (with shorts on his head) and stood in front of them until he got a good laugh. He couldn't stop laughing at himself, too. Happy Year and a Half Baby D!!!!
Weight: 25 lbs 9oz (50 percentile) Height: 34 inches (90 percentile) Shoe Size: 7 Clothes: 24mth to 2T Favorite book: Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? Favorite food: scrambled eggs

Say cheese!!!!!

All three looking at the camera and smiling!!!! This photo shoot was part of my Mother's Day present and the kiddos delivered!!!!
Bowen 5/Caroline 3/Davix 18 months

Preschool Trip to Publix

I know, I know!!!! It's been a while. I LOVE updating my blog. I just wish I felt like hopping on the computer at the end of the day. You know, when all of the pitter pattering has quieted down and is tucked PERMANENTLY in bed. No more..."I need another sip of water" or "I'm hungry" or "I need to poop" or "I have a headache". By the way, I started typing this short paragraph at 7:30pm and now it is 8:15pm. I've been pacing back and forth between my desk and the kids' bedroom receiving some hum-dingers from Bowen AND Caroline. Oh, she's in on it, too. Bowen has schooled her on how to push back bedtime. We've been so busy I have missed some fun posts and need to catch up. Back in mid-April, Bowen's preschool class headed to Publix for a field trip. His class visited the bakery, seafood, produce and got treat bags at the end of the tour.