Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Just the girls

It's not often that we get a photo of just the girls. Caroline loves her Mimi. She just got back from a long 3 day stay in Tampa where she was spoiled rotten! Of course, she deserves every bit of the spoiling:)

Our Little Bear


Monster trucks! Monster trucks! Bowen is CRAZY for them monster trucks! Really, it's all he cares to play with at home these days. He plays it on the WII (and is quite good at it) and pretends all day with over a dozen trucks that he knows by name. Who knew that he would be so interested in these trucks. No, he's not wearing camoflauge for fun, sporting a mullet and jean shorts, OR watching WWF. He just really likes his trucks and had an awesome time at Monster Jam in Tampa. Brantley and Bowen dressed in 5 layers and covered up with a blanket in the 35 degree weather last weekend to catch a glimpse of some of Bowen's favorite trucks (Grave Digger, Monster Mutt, Captain Curse).

Monday, January 3, 2011

Davis turns 2 months!!!!

My baby boy is ALREADY 2 months old! Davis is such a handsome little guy.
Davis is currently wearing 0 to 3 month clothes(although he's been able to wear 6 month polo outfits), weighs 12 lbs 5 oz, and he's 22 1/2 inches tall.

He's a super great eater. I nurse him 7 times in a 24 hr period. He's taking about 3 to 4 oz/feeding every 3 to 3 1/2 hours.

Davis goes to bed around the same time Bowen and Caroline go to sleep - 7:30ish. I wake Davis around 10 pm to feed him before I go to bed. He then sleeps until 4 am. He eats and falls back to sleep until 7 am. During his wakeful moments, he loves time on his back looking at the arch over his playmat, snuggling with anyone that will hold him (LOVES being held), and the rocking in his swing.

Davis is has some neck control now, smiles all the time and is "cooing" like crazy when he is spoken to.

He's absolutely precious!

Ahhhh my kiddos!

So much love, so many diapers! Bowen is out of the diaper club but Caroline and Davis are certainly still members. We blow through about 15 diapers a day. That's a whole lot of wiping! Caroline takes me to the toilet and points for me to put her on. I'm not forcing the issue, but I have a feeling she will be ready and training will be a breeze.

The kids are so great to each other. Both Caroline and Bowen are quick to let me know when Davis is unhappy. They aren't happy until I get Davis to stop crying. So when Davis kicks it into crying over drive, the rest follow. It's like a mass eruption in the house. I have to laugh through it.

Davis is going through sleep training right now. He decided to wake on the hour, every hour during the holidays. Now, his last feeding is at 10:30pm and he then sleeps until 4am for his next feeding. Davis goes back to bed and we get him up at 7am for his wakeup morning feeding. The training seems to be doing the trick. Mommy is getting more sleep now...enough said.

And Bowen...he's already making his list for Santa again. I will say, one of the proudest moments that I had over the holidays is when I asked Bowen what we were celebrating on Christmas. He told me, "Jesus's birthday". My heart melted. We get so wrapped up in the "holiday maddness" that I was so happy he got the Christmas message.

An Overton Christmas

Decorating the Christmas tree

Posing for a shot in front of our tree

Decorating the Advent calendar

Our three little blessings in their pjs

Daddy and Bowen before his school program. He did such a great job. The classes sang 12 songs!!!! Bowen didn't miss a note. We were amazed and so proud! He's been singing his Christmas songs all December.

A trip to Macy's to put in ANOTHER letter to Santa. A toy addition was a MUST!

Baby Davis in his Christmas best:)

Daddy showing Bowen and Caroline where to throw the reindeer food

Christmas 2010

We spent Christmas in Windermere this year. Mimi and Papa traveled over on Christmas Eve and Uncle Matt, Barbie, and Great Papa came over on Christmas day.

Poor little Davis. Mimi thought that he would fit into his stocking:) Not so! Big boy!

One of the Bowen and Caroline's FAVORITE presents!

We got Caroline to tell us "what Santa says..". She went around saying, "ho, ho, ho"

2 days after Christmas we celebrated Christmas with Brantley's dad (Jack), brother John, his wife Lori and our niece and nephew (Reagan and Weston). We also celebrated Jack's birthday:)

We have so much to be thankful for this Christmas and are looking forward to 2011!