Monday, January 3, 2011

Ahhhh my kiddos!

So much love, so many diapers! Bowen is out of the diaper club but Caroline and Davis are certainly still members. We blow through about 15 diapers a day. That's a whole lot of wiping! Caroline takes me to the toilet and points for me to put her on. I'm not forcing the issue, but I have a feeling she will be ready and training will be a breeze.

The kids are so great to each other. Both Caroline and Bowen are quick to let me know when Davis is unhappy. They aren't happy until I get Davis to stop crying. So when Davis kicks it into crying over drive, the rest follow. It's like a mass eruption in the house. I have to laugh through it.

Davis is going through sleep training right now. He decided to wake on the hour, every hour during the holidays. Now, his last feeding is at 10:30pm and he then sleeps until 4am for his next feeding. Davis goes back to bed and we get him up at 7am for his wakeup morning feeding. The training seems to be doing the trick. Mommy is getting more sleep now...enough said.

And Bowen...he's already making his list for Santa again. I will say, one of the proudest moments that I had over the holidays is when I asked Bowen what we were celebrating on Christmas. He told me, "Jesus's birthday". My heart melted. We get so wrapped up in the "holiday maddness" that I was so happy he got the Christmas message.

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