Monday, May 23, 2011

Yes....I got it!

7 days! 7 whole days it took for this monster of a virus to run through this house! UGH! First Davis, then Bowen overlapped with Brantley. Caroline started about a day after Brantley and Bowen recovered. I thought I was out of the woods and then smack!!!! Saturday early morning it hit me like a ton of bricks and I didn't see the outside of our bedroom until Sunday night. THANK GOODNESS for my "Mr. Mom" husband. Brantley did it ALL! All 3 kids, all meals, all diapers changes, outfit changes, baths, entertainment, you name it he was the "it" man. Thank you Honey for all that you do!

Now my Sweet Husband, enjoy your four days/3 nights in New York!!!!!! I know, you say it's all work and that you hate to go. I'll do you a favor and trade positions next time you have a trip. I'd gladly sit in coach stuck in the middle seat between to smelly(stinky), wide-seated passengers to have the off chance of being able to turn on my iPod and listen to one, just one song. OR, sleep in a foreign bed with uncomfortable pillows to be able to rollover and not bump into a 4 year old kicking me in the rib. Ahhh and the sweet sweet sounds of an alarm clock are such a distant memory. I can't remember the last time I've heard an alarm clock's angelic calling. Now don't get me started on sitting down and eating an entire meal in peace. Well....that's enough right now. You go and have a blast! You deserve it after this past weekend! Love you!

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  1. First, I'm so sorry that you all were so sick! Stomach bugs are the WORST!
    Second, thank you so much for the honesty in this post! I really needed to read this today! I've been feeling the same way lately - although I know how very blessed I am to stay at home with my kids. We all need a break every now and again. Let's plan a girls' getaway soon! Maybe Brantley and Chris can tag team all 5 kids! Hahahaha!