Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Trying to Crawl and trip to Tampa

She's a wiggle worm. Little Miss Caroline wants to go, go, go. She's lifting her little boodie in the air, straightening her arms in a push-up position and rocking back and forth. I know she can't wait to follow Bowen around the house. He completely dazzles her. If he is in the room, her eyes are locked on Bowen. She studies him intensely and typically ends up with a super big smile on her face. Happy girl! Oh, and yes that is drool coming off of her chin in the picture. Maybe she'll get her first tooth this month?

We headed to Tampa for a quick visit with Mimi and Papa. Bowen enjoys running around his Mimi and Papa's backyard. He was thrilled that he got to play some soccer with Daddy, Uncle John and Weston on real soccer fields during his visit to Tampa. He ran in to the house yelling, "I PAYED SOCCAH BALL"!!!!!

Mimi and Papa gave Bowen and Caroline The Elf of the Shelf (book and elf). Bowen named the Elf "Elfie". Each morning Bowen searches our house for Elfie's new observation point. He's been spotted in the china cabinet and on top of the refrigerator. Where will he be next??? Elfie is watching to see if everyone is being naughty or nice and will report back to Santa.

Look at me! I'm nice! I'm nice!

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