Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving at Mimi & Papa's

We spent Thanksgiving day with my parents in Tampa. We woke to the Macy's day parade on TV. Bowen really enjoyed all of the bands and character balloons in the parade. Of course, our meal included about seven different casseroles and turkey. WE got stuffed on Thanksgiving!

Bowen really enjoyed turkey this year. Unfortunatley, that's all that we could get him to eat. No sides, just turkey. Mimi gave him a beautiful turkey sugar cookie after dinner that he truly enjoyed. Caroline ate pears and sweet potatoes (baby food) for her Thanksgiving meal. She's so ready to eat the real deal. She stares at our food with admiration and will grab at your spoon or fork if she's sitting in your lap.

Bowen brought along his indian head dress, drum and necklace that he created at school. Each preschooler was given a Native American name. Bowen's was "Laughing Eyes". When we ask him to show us his "laughing eyes", he tries to raise his eyebrows. He moves his eyes all over the place in an attempt to move his eyebrows.

Good Little Indian...
Bad Little Indian...

Our Little Indian...
Caroline LOVES her first Thanksgiving. I can't wait to eat some turkey next year.

After our meal we gathered for a family photo. We have so much to be thankful for!

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