Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Flour! Flour! And more Flour!

This past Saturday we decided to make homemade sugar cookies with Bowen. We gathered the ingredients, bowls, pumpkin cookie cutter, FLOUR, and chair for Bowen to reach the counter top. He LOVED baking cookies with Mimi and Mommy. By the time the cookies went into the oven, we had 2 cups of flour on the floor, 2 cups on his shirt, and a 1/2 cup between his toes.

When we sing, "clean up, clean up" we're serious. Why not throw the baking sheet, mixing bowls, and baby in to the sink?

Caroline is sitting with confidence and playing up a storm with all of her toys. Her favorite toy right now is a musical mirrow. It comes with a rattle microphone. She just loves smiling into the mirror.

I asked Leroy to fetch his bone, NOT a bow. We're sad to say that Leroy is not a PetSMART graduate, but we love him!!!

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