Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Brantley and I could not have been happier to see our little BOY in a recent ultrasound. He's healthy from head to toe and is growing like a weed (almost a pound now). We are thrilled to announce that Davis Roberts Overton is still due to arrive at the top of November. My due date is November 15th. Since my track record has proved me to have large bouncing babies, my doctor is certain this pregnancy will conclude in an early induction. YIPPEE!!!

Meanwhile, Bowen rubs my belly like a magic lamp every chance he gets. He always says, "that's my Davis" and includes his new brother in his night time prayers. Caroline has no idea what is about to happen. She's just so happy (for now). Caroline is a MAJOR snuggler...a lap dog. I sure hope she's ready to share my lap.

It's a boy! (photo shot from underneath Davis - like he's sitting on a glass table)

A profile shot of our sweet angel

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  1. LOVE THE name you have chosen, couldn't be more perfect!! And I LOVE the patriotic matching swim suits for caroline and bowen, ADORABLE!