Sunday, September 19, 2010

Soccer Season Take Two

Game 1 = The whistle blows and Bowen takes off running after the ball, towards the correct goal, he dribbles, he's tough and then...

Bowen: "The boy said no to me. He told me not to kick the ball" (in tears as he runs for the sideline)
Me: "Honey that's your opponent. That's okay. Go back out there and kick the ball hard and steal it away"
Bowen: (thinking hard, "steal" a toy?)No.
Me & Brantley: "It's okay. It's your team against their team. They try to get the ball from you and you try to get the ball from them"
Bowen: "No"
Brantley: "It's okay to steal in soccer"
Bowen: "No"
Me: "I'll give you gum after the game if you get out there"
Bowen: (thinking hard on the offer) "No"

Stay tuned as we toughen up our sweet Bowen!!!!!!!!!!!

These glasses make him look tough but they are just covering the tears.

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