Sunday, November 14, 2010

Welcome Baby Davis!!!

We welcomed baby Davis Roberts Overton on November 10th at 2:44pm. We were shocked to hear that our third child only weighed 7 lbs 12 ozs!!!! His length...20 inches. Everyone in the delivery room had bets that all were in the 8 to 9 lbs range. We were all wrong. He's our little peanut and is perfect!

5:45 AM started pitocin
9:45 AM dilated 3cm - Doctor broke my water
12 PM dilated 5 cm
1:45 PM dilated 8 cm
2 PM - I said, "it's time to have this baby. I'm ready to push"
2:15 PM - doctor said that I was 10 cm, "you are ready"
2:40 PM - Dr. Peppy said "let's do a practice push"
2:41 PM - practice push produce the top of baby Davis's head
2:44 PM - 2nd "real" push Davis Roberts Overton is born!!!

What a special birthday present. I got Davis on my 35th birthday. Happy Birthday me and Happy Birthday Davis!


  1. congrats overton family! he is precious and if i could order one of your labor and deliveries for my 2nd child that would be awesome :)

  2. So adorable, I love him already! I thought both Bowen and Caroline were "Overton babies" from day 1, but I think this one looks like a Roberts! (And Bowen and Caroline definitely are perfect little Overton-Roberts mixes now!) Maddy has the same "Big Sister" shirt - can't wait for her to wear it for real!

  3. he looks so much like bowen and caroline!!! can't wait to meet him thursday!