Friday, December 3, 2010

Typing with one hand...

because I'm holding Davis on my left boob and the laptop on my right knee. Hey?!? That's what a girl got to do to keep connected. I will get with it and download some cute photos. Of course, that will happen when I can get the three amigos napping at the same time:)

The kids visited Santa last weekend and Bowen completely shocked us. He went right up to Santa, sat in his lap, told him that he wanted a Disney monorail toy for Christmas and he said, "and make mine go really fast". Caroline on the other hand had a good case of the "stranger dangers" on her visit to the jolly man working the Santa suit. She screamed her head off. Needless to say, we have a Santa photo of Caroline in tears and Bowen happy as could be. Good times!

1 comment:

  1. Love it! And I love the pic up top too! Can't wait to see updated pics - I bet he has already changed a ton. Be on the lookout for a "goody package" as Maddy called it. We miss you guys!