Sunday, September 26, 2010

So many emotions

HA! I finally swiped Bowen's motorcycle!!!!

"Mama! Mama!" (Bowen not in the picture, but trying to get his bigwheel back)

Caroline not wanting to give in

After hearing Mommy will give her the pacifier if she gets off the bigwheel

Evan Starstrom turns 3!

All dressed up and ready to celebrate Evan Starstrom's 3rd birthday!

Celebrating Evan

Decorating a stars at the party

Caroline hanging out with the big kids

All of the kids had an awesome time at the party

Bo is back!!!!!!!

Bowen has been so reluctant to get out on the field and face the opponent. He loves practice, but has not been a fan of the field during games. Oh, but he looks so cute in his uniform:)

This past Saturday Joe Neville (Evan's daddy) said something to Bowen to make him run out onto that field. Thanks Joe!!!!!! Bowen looked like he had a great time. He yelled "NO!!!!!!!!!" when his opponents approached him. A newly found courage emerged. Yeah!!!

Can't wait until Halloween

Ha! So it's not even October and I couldn't wait to get Bowen and Caroline into their matching Halloween pjs.'s so hard to find matching outfits for an adorable brother/sister photo shoot.

I just could eat them up!

The kiddos settling down in front of the tube before their bedtime routines...

"Hey Caroline, let's pose for a sweet picture" - Bowen

"Hee hee, now let's wrestle" - Bowen

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Showering our Davis

My friendships here in Windermere are precious. My girlfriends threw me a couples babyshower this past weekend to "stock the nursery". Davis is completely set with diapers and wipes. I think Brantley enjoyed the shower as much as I did (football playing in multiple rooms, drinks (not just sodas), and a date night out).

Everything was so perfect from the flower arrangements, food, desserts, and friends surrounding us. Davis is one lucky little guy.

Soccer Season Take Two

Game 1 = The whistle blows and Bowen takes off running after the ball, towards the correct goal, he dribbles, he's tough and then...

Bowen: "The boy said no to me. He told me not to kick the ball" (in tears as he runs for the sideline)
Me: "Honey that's your opponent. That's okay. Go back out there and kick the ball hard and steal it away"
Bowen: (thinking hard, "steal" a toy?)No.
Me & Brantley: "It's okay. It's your team against their team. They try to get the ball from you and you try to get the ball from them"
Bowen: "No"
Brantley: "It's okay to steal in soccer"
Bowen: "No"
Me: "I'll give you gum after the game if you get out there"
Bowen: (thinking hard on the offer) "No"

Stay tuned as we toughen up our sweet Bowen!!!!!!!!!!!

These glasses make him look tough but they are just covering the tears.

My Gym with our little monkey

While Bowen was at school, I took Caroline to My Gym to play. She absolutely loved it. Caroline was in hog heaven with all of the climbing options the facility provided. I had a hard time keeping up with her. I had to waddle fast!

Time to get messy

If anyone knows Bowen, they know how he is always neat. Mommy knew it was time to break the mold and get Bowen comfortable with getting messy. We broke out the finger paints and he went crazy. He asks to paint every day now. Messy time happens at least once a day:)

While the boys are away....the girls play

I'm still catching up on our blog, so these photos came to us from late August. While Bowen and Wilson are off to school, Caroline has a fun filled morning with Ellie (Wilson's little sister) over to play.

Girls are sooooo easy!!!!!!!!!! (right now)

Going for a stroll...

Taking turns on the swing...

Some water play...

Worn out girls at the end of their playdate.

First Day of School photo...

Bowen started 3 year old, 3 day (1/2 day) a week preschool in mid August. This picture pretty much sums up his feelings on the first day of school.

Now, he can't wait to get out of the car when we get into the school parking lot and barely has time to throw me a kiss when he enters the classroom. He loves school! Let me restate that, "WE LOVE SCHOOL"!!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Where did August go?

I've been very slack lately in regards to blog entries. Believe me, nothing is slowing down around here EXCEPT ME! Big old prego momma is moving at a snail's pace in the summer heat. I'm 30 weeks and 3 days pregnant. This pregnancy has been physically more challenging as Caroline and Bowen run circles around me. Davis is a mover and shaker just like his brother and sister. He's kicking, rolling, punching,and I believe he thinks my bladder is a mini bounce house. My doctor seems to think we should welcome Davis into the world two weeks early (like Caroline). Week 36 I'll have an ultrasound to see if he a big boy and schedule my induction accordingly.

Okay...what's up you may ask?!?

1. Bowen started school mid-Aug (3 day 3 year old program). He seems to love his teacher (Ms. Tomkins). 16 kids in his class and Bowen is one of 5 boys.
2. Caroline is climbing on EVERYTHING. She is my little stairmaster. If it can be climbed on, she's on top of it.
3. Shoe obsessed! Caroline is crazy about her shoes and at 15 months figured out (on her own) how to put on her sandals and flip flops. Now at 17 months she has figured out which shoes belong to each family member and will bring them to you through out the day.
4. Bowen the painter. Bowen is in to painting. Finger paint, painting with brushes, painting wood, painting paper, etc. Every day we paint while Caroline plays with my costume jewelry.
5. Bye bye Corolla!!!!!!! We sold Brantley's Corolla last weekend and have added a Honda Mini Van to our family. I LOVE MY MINI VAN. I never EVER thought I'd say those words. I think I told Brantley on our first date that I would NEVER EVER drive a mini van. Never say "NEVER":)

I'll post photos of our tots soon! Brantley has been using our computer at night to follow every website, update, newsflash, blog regarding his Florida State Seminoles. I fall asleep early each evening before he's done being a major big fan and never get to the computer to post these days.