Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Party

Give me a tough guy face!!!

Spiderman, spiderman...

Go Gators!!!

Love those blue eyes!

My friend Abby tooks these photos of the kids at Kaila and Jack's Halloween party. Precious!!!!!!!!!!

A Minnie Moment

I so badly wanted Caroline to be Minnie Mouse for Halloween. I just can't believe an 18 month old can be so opinionated. She screams when I put on the Minnie Mouse dress and throws herself on the floor when I put on the Minnie hat (and you can FORGET the gloves). I found these Minnie Mouse ear attachments (attach like bows). She tolerated them for about 1 minute. I had my camera standing ready for this shot. I also had Bowen trying to encourage her to keep them on. The old "monkey see, monkey do" trick.

You can see her little Gator cheerleader outfit in the background. Daddy agreed to let her wear it this year. It feels comfortable like an everyday outfit and she can tolerate bows. My oy my! If this is what it's like now, I can't imagine how she'll be in her teens:)

Smuggling a Pumpkin

I just wanted to give a Davis posting. I'll be 38 weeks prego on Monday. At the top of my 36th week I had a ultrasound that estimated Davis to weigh 6lbs 6oz. He's about 70th percentile. This is exactly where Caroline was at 36 weeks. The plan is to have a scheduled induction my 39th week (hospital is cracking down on inductions scheduled prior to 39 weeks...without medical cause). The only day that my doctor is in the hospital is on November 10th ( birthday:)) I just can't even imagine still smuggling this pumpkin until then.

We'll keep you posted!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Pumpkin Patch Time

Open for business

The Little Overtons store/market/pizza restaurant/deli is open for business. Located in the Overton family room you too can have a little slice of fun with our little ones. Caroline loves to get behind the register and Bowen will be quick to let you know that he's all out of mushrooms as you place your pizza order. The kids are a hoot and we had so much fun building our little market place together.

Celebrating Mimi's Birthday

Just some shots of the kids in fall gear...

Bowen making his loudest "BOOOOO!!!!"

Bye Bye Paci!fier!!!

At the top of October we decided it was time to get rid of the beloved "paci". October 9th we pulled the plug. Caroline had a few nights and naps of struggling to sooth herself, but eventually got the hang of heading to bed without her paci. YEAH! Within 2 days she added 4 new words to her vocabulary: dog, duck, please, car

Oh...and yes, this picture is the day before we took the paci and she is reclining in an infant bouncy seat. Bye bye baby!!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happy Bunch

This past Thursday I decided to take a quick trip to a photo studio to have our pictures taken. Although I've been avoiding cameras (that would be WIDE LENSE CAMERAS!!!!), I thought it was important to capture being pregnant and how Bowen has had a true love for Davis even before his arrival. He had no clue what was happening when Caroline was born. He was simply too young.
Bowen kisses my belly daily, tells me that he loves Davis, and lists all of the wonderful things he will teach him when he gets here. He's been so sweet to his unborn baby brother.

Caroline had a difficult photo session. She really did not want to have anything to do with the photographer, smiling, sitting still, etc. I clearly remember Bowen going through this stage. I'll just sit back and know she'll have her photo comeback...someday:)