Friday, February 11, 2011

Partners in crime

These two are partners in crime. Bowen and Caroline are really sticking together these days. As I spend my day in a routine of nursing, the kids find themselves relying on each other for entertainment, comfort, amusement, learning, etc. It has amazed me how interdependent they are becoming on each other and how independent they are becoming as little people:)

I have to document a funny quote from Bowen. After getting in trouble for a "minor infraction", I reminded Bowen that mommy was the parent. In short, what the parent says goes. I explained that I make the rules that we follow. He stared at me for a moment and then said, "how do I become a parent"? I have a smart kid on my hands. HA!

A day in the house with Caroline:
1. She's walking down the hallway with a toilet brush in one hand and a smile on her face leaving a trail of water behind herself
2. She's standing in the middle of a pile of dry spaghetti noodles that she pried open in the pantry
3. She's in the foyer acting like a paper shredder to the newly delivered phonebooks
4. She's created a mound of clothes in Davis's room by emptying ALL of his drawers
5. She's found a run away crayon under the table and graffitied the living room wall
6. She's on the back porch dancing on the table
7. She's saying, "stop it, stop it" as I attempt to put her shoes on....because she HAS to do it herself

They are growing up so fast. Davis is a great baby. He was 3 months yesterday! 3 months!!!! He's sleeping 7 straight hours at night. When he wakes at 5 am he'll eat and go back to bed until 7:30am. He is super smiley and starting to giggle for me. I really feel so blessed.

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