Monday, August 29, 2011

Davis 9 months!

Our little monkey turned 9 months on August 10th.
Weight: 21lbs 10oz
Heigth 28 1/4 inches
Head Circ" 18 inches
He's 65 percentile across the board. Davis is wearing 18 month clothing. He's a big boy and VERY active. He just started cruising furniture in the past 2 weeks and will get to a stand position and have the balance to let go and hold his stance for moments. It amazes me how quick he can "army crawl" to his desired destination. He still has not perfected the crawl, but neither did Bowen and Caroline. I think that's why they gave up and just started walking a little early. OH BOY!!!!!

The only hiccup I'm having with Davis is food. By now Bowen and Caroline were eating table food cut into finger size bites. Davis refuses to swallow anything but puffs, yogurt, and baby food out of a jar. It's SUPER frustrating. He gags, throws up, or "bubble spits" the table food out. Bowen and Caroline find this hilarious, especially if Mommy gets splattered with the food. They shout, "do it again Davis". I'm convinced Davis knows what they are asking and just has to satify his sibblings with a repeat performance.

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