Monday, August 29, 2011

School days are here!

Not the best pictures....BUT, this is the first day of school. Bowen and Caroline off to school and both very happy to be there. Ahhhh! I was thrilled that Caroline LOVED her classroom and teacher and had no problem walking right into her room and jumped right in to playtime. Bowen goes 5 days a week from 9 to 12 and Caroline goes on Monday and Wednesday from 9 to 12. They are just growing up so fast!

Mommy goes to Chicago!!!!

YIPPEE!!!! Aug 12th I escaped to Chicago with some of my girlfriends. We stayed right in on Michigan Ave and ate, drank, boat toured and shopped our three days without kids. Oh...did I mention slept! We were in no hurry, no solid plans, ate in restaurants...nice ones. It was absolutely AWESOME. Meanwhile, back at the farm. Brantley spent the long weekend with the boys and Caroline spent the weekend with my parents in Tampa. Everyone survived without me. I owe a HUGE thanks to my supportive crew.

Note to self: Do this EVERY YEAR!!!!

Having Mimosas on the viewing deck of the John Hancock Building

Jenn & Elena posing at Gibson's Steakhouse

Posing with Jessica having "before" dinner drinking at Gibson's

Spent A LOT of time at American Girl. This is a doll case of Kit. I think she looks most like Caroline. I brought home a small version of Kit for her.

Roof top photo at Gino's East (chicago style pizza)

Davis 9 months!

Our little monkey turned 9 months on August 10th.
Weight: 21lbs 10oz
Heigth 28 1/4 inches
Head Circ" 18 inches
He's 65 percentile across the board. Davis is wearing 18 month clothing. He's a big boy and VERY active. He just started cruising furniture in the past 2 weeks and will get to a stand position and have the balance to let go and hold his stance for moments. It amazes me how quick he can "army crawl" to his desired destination. He still has not perfected the crawl, but neither did Bowen and Caroline. I think that's why they gave up and just started walking a little early. OH BOY!!!!!

The only hiccup I'm having with Davis is food. By now Bowen and Caroline were eating table food cut into finger size bites. Davis refuses to swallow anything but puffs, yogurt, and baby food out of a jar. It's SUPER frustrating. He gags, throws up, or "bubble spits" the table food out. Bowen and Caroline find this hilarious, especially if Mommy gets splattered with the food. They shout, "do it again Davis". I'm convinced Davis knows what they are asking and just has to satify his sibblings with a repeat performance.

Music Camp

I know that I should have posted this a month ago,but we've been so super busy. Bowen had a blast at the beginning of August at Music Camp. At the end of the week long camp his class put on a program for the parents. Caroline sat front row in the crowd and LOVED it! They sang a dozen songs,used props and giggled the entire performance. He will be attending again next summer!

Bowen and his best buddy Evan keeping the beat

Daddy and Davis looking on...

All Done Up

Oh yes! She found Mommy's makeup drawer. How about that mascara job?!?

Oh and she's holding her hand out to me complaining that she got a little makeup on her hand.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Overton Summer Reunion - Blue Springs

The gang, the herd, the gaggle...
The Overton clan gathered together for a weekend (a week for some) of family fun at Blue Springs Park in Orange City, FL. Can you say hot as the dickens?????!!!!!! Thank goodness for Aunt Barbara's super-soaker fans and the 72 degrees spring. We also celebrated Aunt Dottie's 70th birthday. Yes, that blurry picture below is Aunt Dottie holding a balloon. I must have captured the moment while chasing Caroline.

The kids had a blast with their cousins. They played water balloons, went on bike rides, road a float in the spring, roasted marshmellows, saw while turkeys....

We didn't rough it. We rented a cabin with the kids and enjoyed mornings on our screened in porch while hushing our 6 am alarm clocks(Bowen, Caroline & Davis) so that they would not wake the rest of the park campers:)

It was such a treat to see everyone, especially all of the kids. I just can't believe how fast everyone's children have grown. I wish everyone lived closer!

Overtons Reunite

Birthday Dottie

Keeping Davis cool in the Florida heat. He had a blast splashing in the float filled with water while the older kids used it to fill their water guns.

Funny faces for the camera with cousin Reagan

Babes in the bike trailer

More funny faces. Hey, passing the time with NO electronics! Okay, except for my camera!

Bowen didn't bother putting shorts on when we announced that we could see turkeys outside the cabin. Those turkeys are staring back and saying, "hey, boxer briefs for preschoolers! Cool!"

Swimming in the springs with daddy

The boys

Our last night at the park. We had a feast followed by cousin Matt passing out glow sticks, then sparkler time, and finally cousin Will helping out with an awesome smores treat.

Walker?!? I think not!

Davis is our little speed deamon in his walker. It's quite hilarious how quickly he can get around the house. I've removed some of our rugs so that nothing can slow him down. He literally chases Bowen and Caroline around the house. Caroline screams when she sees him coming. It kills your feet when he rams in to you. When he's circling through the kitchen, Caroline asks to sit on the counter top. If the older two head to Bowen's room to play, he's right behind them. It's priceless.

Davis is STILL not crawling forward. He can turn on a dime, army crawl forward (using his arms/elbows), cruise backwards, but still not crawling forward with ease. No hurry my little man! Hey, you've always got your walker!

Madeira Beach

July 9th through the 16th we spent time at Madeira Beach with my family. Mimi and Papa rented a gulf front condo and we had a blast. It was especially fun for Bowen and Caroline this year. They LOVE the beach. Not just the pool, but they have a special love for the small "west coast" waves. Even Davis got in on the action. He would sit on the shoreline as long as I would let him (SUNBLOCK!!!!)and smack the water with his fists and laugh.

We got in quite a routine while we were there. We were on the beach by 9 am, back up at the condo for naps by 1pm, and back down at the beach by 4 pm (EVERY DAY!!!). We all gathered on the balcony around 8 pm to enjoy the sunset. Bowen and Caroline would say, "good night sun" and then head to bed.

I had to include this photo. Here you will see my smiling baby boy enjoy the shoreline while his "always up to something sister" is stuffing his crack with muddy beach sand (peeking out of this bathing suit). Nice!