Monday, December 21, 2009

Arrrrrgh!!!! A pirate party!!!!!

Yesterday afternoon we celebrated Evan Neville's 3rd birthday. The kids had so much fun outdoors. Bowen spent most of his time in the pirate bounce house, but took time to make a telescope and go on the treasure hunt. Kristy Neville (Evan's mommy) is so super creative.

Caroline has her pacifier and is ready for the pirate party!

Bowen with his telescope
Bowen and Brantley down on the beach waiting for ye treasure hunt.

Each little pirate received their very own treasure map.
The treasure has been found!
Evan's got his loot!!!!
Ellie watching on wearing her pigtails!!!!

Happy 3rd Birthday Evan!

Some pin the parrot on the pirate...
Bouncing like a pirate

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