Monday, February 8, 2010

Cousin Reagan..."Yes" Mommy..."No"

Bowen had a visit from his cousin Reagan this past weekend. He follows her around, does whatever she does, he adores her. Having Reagan around is like having a built in babysitter! I just wished she lived in Windermere!

When Reagan is around, Mommy is just chopped liver. Example of a conversation we had this past weekend...

Mommy: "Bowen, would you like me to take you potty?"
Bowen: "No, no, no"
Reagan: "Bowen, would you like me to take you potty?"
Bowen" "Sure, yes"

Ten minutes later...
Mommy: "Bowen, why don't you go in your room and play with your toys?"
Bowen: "No"
Reagan: "Bowen, let's go to your room and play"
Bowen: "Okay"

Bouncing in the backyard

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