Friday, February 12, 2010

Why wait until Valentine's Day to celebrate?

We've been dressing up in our red and white since Monday. The kids are ready for Valentine's Day! Bowen continues to show his love to his sister AND HIS BEAR! You'll see him smooching the stinky stuffed bundle of love below.

Poor Bear has been thrown in the washer and dryer more than I can count. Bear is Bowen's big time lovey! Bear goes to the store, he goes to the potty (I know...gross!!!), he goes to nap, to night-night, around the house, and an occasional tug-of-war with Leroy. Bear has even taken a trip into the bathtub. Hey....he needed a bath!

Caroline has a bunny rabbit that she sleeps with at nap and night. I've learned my lesson and the Bunny (her name, very orignial lovey names) stays in the crib.

Anywho...lots of love this week!!!!!

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  1. Bowen's shirt is adorable! I love it!! You've got 2 very adorable little valentine's :).