Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A February filled with parties!!!

Bowen's classroom birthday party

Bowen had his classroom birthday celebration last week. This booklet is a gift from his classmates. It's filled with artwork from his friends. SO SWEET!!!!!!
Bowen was so funny about being recognized for his birthday. He was so shy and shocked that Mommy and Daddy came to the classroom with cupcakes.

Mrs. Jones called him to the front of the classroom to put candles on a cake (on the bulletin board), asked him to count his candles, and have the class sing "Happy Birthday".

Valentine's Day wedding with Mimi and Papa

Happy Birthday Great-Papa!!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Ahhhh...our our little Valentine

Cold rainy days = baking, play-doh, puzzles....

LOVE School!

Bowen held tight to his presents for teachers, Mrs. Jones and Mrs. O'Leary. He couldn't wait to tell them, Happy Valentine's and hand over their gifts. He was super excited about the sugar high he was about to get at school. Thursday the entire pre-school decorated cookies to be eaten at snack time and had their own classroom Valentine's gift exchange. Exciting times for Mr. Bowen!

Why wait until Valentine's Day to celebrate?

We've been dressing up in our red and white since Monday. The kids are ready for Valentine's Day! Bowen continues to show his love to his sister AND HIS BEAR! You'll see him smooching the stinky stuffed bundle of love below.

Poor Bear has been thrown in the washer and dryer more than I can count. Bear is Bowen's big time lovey! Bear goes to the store, he goes to the potty (I know...gross!!!), he goes to nap, to night-night, around the house, and an occasional tug-of-war with Leroy. Bear has even taken a trip into the bathtub. Hey....he needed a bath!

Caroline has a bunny rabbit that she sleeps with at nap and night. I've learned my lesson and the Bunny (her name, very orignial lovey names) stays in the crib.

Anywho...lots of love this week!!!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Oh, these are the days!

She's so happy and I'm so sad. I just can't believe how fast she's growing. Now that she's crawling and cruising furniture, Caroline doesn't not want to snuggle with her mommy. SO, SO sad!!!! If she cuddles up, it's because she's super tired or something is just not right with her (probably teeth?).

Caroline is just a dream! Now, if I could just freeze her at this perfect!?!

Superbowl? What Superbowl? I've got my eyes on the cupcake!

Cousin Reagan..."Yes" Mommy..."No"

Bowen had a visit from his cousin Reagan this past weekend. He follows her around, does whatever she does, he adores her. Having Reagan around is like having a built in babysitter! I just wished she lived in Windermere!

When Reagan is around, Mommy is just chopped liver. Example of a conversation we had this past weekend...

Mommy: "Bowen, would you like me to take you potty?"
Bowen: "No, no, no"
Reagan: "Bowen, would you like me to take you potty?"
Bowen" "Sure, yes"

Ten minutes later...
Mommy: "Bowen, why don't you go in your room and play with your toys?"
Bowen: "No"
Reagan: "Bowen, let's go to your room and play"
Bowen: "Okay"

Bouncing in the backyard

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Partners in crime

The only way to shop Lowes w/ the kiddos...

Is it February???????? What happened to January?

I'm embarrassed that I haven't updated our lives via blog in a MONTH!!!!!!!! UGH! What's happening that's keeping me soooooo busy you say?????? HA! Well.....

Caroline is on the go and still the happiest little sweetheart! She's walking with a walker, crawling all over to stay right next to Bowen (she loves her some Bowen), and eating like a linebacker. The girl took down an entire pork chop for lunch the other day! 10 month old!
Bowen loves his sister so much. He is the first to hear her wake from a nap on the monitor and always asks if he can go get her. Of course, I'm still lifting her out of her crib, but Bowen is right there hanging on the railing, waiting for her to get up.
Bowen is talking up a storm and he can be super funny. We're clear of the terrible 2's and gearing up for a wonderful 3rd year. He tells me all the time that I'm his best friend. That erases every "terrible 2" tantrum! Bowen is completely potty trained (underwear only) and his verbal capabilities allow him to make his potty necessities be known to the public. Today he told the cashier at Target, "I need to poo-poo right now". So cute!