Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas 2011 was so special this year. Bowen and Caroline are really begining to understand the meaning of Christmas. We talked about the Nativity scene that we have and they said, "Happy Birthday Jesus" on Christmas. Unprompted, Caroline sang "happy birthday Jesus" throughout the Christmas break. I'm just so proud of my little people:) We attended Christmas Eve service with Mimi, Papa, and friends and headed back home to put out Santa's cookies and milk and sprinkle the lawn with reindeer food. The kids were fast asleep and Christmas came EARLY!!!! 5:30 AM EARLY!!!!

Bowen was thrilled to find a pile of Star Wars goodies and a Razor skooter, Caroline screamed when she found her "Tangled" dress and Barbie house, and Davis was happy with the toy lawn mower and little wagon to pull his blocks in.

We enjoyed a day at home with Mimi, Papa, Great Papa, Uncle Matt and Aunt Barbie.

Caroline trying out her new toy hairdryer and comb on Uncle Matt

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