Monday, January 2, 2012

Thank you Mimi and Papa! What an incredible Christmas gift! Disney tickets! The Overtons are back at the Disney parks! And I would have to say that this is the year of CAROLINE at Magic Kingdom. She smiles from ear to ear the second we walk through the gates. "PRINCESSES! PRINCESSES!!!" All she talks about is hunting down the princesses and watching them dance at the castle.

A few weeks ago, I ran her to the castle after dropping Bowen at school and made it just in time for the princess dance show and was able to make it back to Bowen's school for pick up by noon. Caroline LOVED it! Oh...and Davis is tagging right along and loving every minute, too. He dances in his stroller to the parades and I believe the Country Bear Jamboree is his favorite event at Magic Kingdom. He claps and jumps the the entire show.

Mary Poppins is a FAVORITE right now for Bowen and Caroline

Snow White is in the middle of telling Caroline how much she likes Caroline's red bow.

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