Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Windermere 5 K

When I signed up for this race I KNEW I'd be walking. I have not trained for a good run in FOREVER....oh, maybe never:) My friend Kristy suggested the race and also suggested signing Bowen up. Evan was running with her and know, maybe Bowen would like this. I had the bright idea to bring my stroller. I just had a feeling that Bowen would tucker out. HA!!!! Jokes on me. I think he walked 20 yards of the race and decided the view was better from his chariot.

You know, when I think of a 5K, I think of running the Gasparilla(in Tampa) down Bayshore Blvd(paved and flat). It's all I know. WELL, let me tell you that downtown Windermere is NO Bayshore Blvd. Small hills, UP AND DOWN, and sand...LIKE...EVERY street we walked (sometimes ran) on was sand. The town's people in Windermere vote year after year for NOT PAVING THE STEETS. They are worried about poluting their lakes. HUMBUG! I'm am no friend of the Windermere "town's people". The heck with your sand streets on my unfit legs and my jogging stroller's wheels.

Oh...but don't you worry Bowen! You'll be pushing Mommy around some day! I think I spent the last mile telling Bowen how he would have to push Mommy around in a wheel chair in sand, up and down hills when I get old. Ohhhh, AND he made me slow down and get gatorade for him on the side of the street. Wouldn't want him to be parched! I looked like a beat horse by the end of the race.

NEXT year....NO STROLLER!!! Bowen's chariot will not await.

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