Monday, January 2, 2012

Capitol One Bowl 2012

Brantley and Bowen scored some tickets to the Capitol One Bowl(Nebraska vs South Carolina).


Mr Smiles is SUPER busy. You don't just sit down and drink your coffee in the morning when Davis is awake and roaming the house.

Happy New Year's!!!

While visiting Tampa I was lucky enough to drop in to my friend Jessica's New Year's Eve.

Happy 2012!

Christmas with the Overtons

On New Year's Eve morning, we celebrated Christmas with Aunt Lori, Uncle John, cousins Reagan and Weston and Granddaddy and Diana.

A new addition to John and Lori's family. Puppy Teddy!

A vist to the Turners over the holidays

While visiting Tampa over the holidays, we spent an afternoon at the Turner house. Heather and Allen live down the street from Mimi and Papa and across the street from Uncle Matt and Aunt Barbie. So, Uncle Matt brought a fishing pole over for Bowen and the kids fished and we let the little ones play. Bowen caught 6 fish!

Christmas 2011 was so special this year. Bowen and Caroline are really begining to understand the meaning of Christmas. We talked about the Nativity scene that we have and they said, "Happy Birthday Jesus" on Christmas. Unprompted, Caroline sang "happy birthday Jesus" throughout the Christmas break. I'm just so proud of my little people:) We attended Christmas Eve service with Mimi, Papa, and friends and headed back home to put out Santa's cookies and milk and sprinkle the lawn with reindeer food. The kids were fast asleep and Christmas came EARLY!!!! 5:30 AM EARLY!!!!

Bowen was thrilled to find a pile of Star Wars goodies and a Razor skooter, Caroline screamed when she found her "Tangled" dress and Barbie house, and Davis was happy with the toy lawn mower and little wagon to pull his blocks in.

We enjoyed a day at home with Mimi, Papa, Great Papa, Uncle Matt and Aunt Barbie.

Caroline trying out her new toy hairdryer and comb on Uncle Matt

Elfie finds a marker

Elfie (our elf...from ELF ON THE SHELF) found a marker on Christmas Eve. He made sure to let the kids know that he had given Santa the "thumbs up" that each had been good this year. He wrote on a photo of Bowen..."May the force be with you" and Caroline, "Have a great year sweet Princess" and Davis, "hey, stop climbing on the toilets". Elfie has such a great sense of humor. He even toilet papered Bowen's room during his stay. Bowen made a comment that he didn't think Elfie was funny. Well...Elfie showed him!

Christmas playdate at our house

Some presents...

Some dress up...

Some laughter...

Some cookie decorating...

make for a fun Christmas playdate.

Bowen's Pre Kindergarten Christmas Program

Hollywood Studios Osborne Lights

Okay...I think I've posted like four of these pictures. Here he is again. Davis in his stroller. SMILING!

Caroline's 2 Year Old Class Party

Caroline's teacher, Mrs. Smith, invited all of the parents into the classroom on the last day of school (before Christmas break) to enjoy a few songs the children had learn to help celebrate Christmas. I was thrilled Caroline stayed seated with her class and didn't run to me and not participate! She smiled, joined in on all of the songs and even did some hand movements. It was precious. The songs were followed by a Christmas snack and gift giving to the teachers.

Tis the Season....

for sweets!

Flag Football Fall 2011 - Last Game

Thank you Mimi and Papa! What an incredible Christmas gift! Disney tickets! The Overtons are back at the Disney parks! And I would have to say that this is the year of CAROLINE at Magic Kingdom. She smiles from ear to ear the second we walk through the gates. "PRINCESSES! PRINCESSES!!!" All she talks about is hunting down the princesses and watching them dance at the castle.

A few weeks ago, I ran her to the castle after dropping Bowen at school and made it just in time for the princess dance show and was able to make it back to Bowen's school for pick up by noon. Caroline LOVED it! Oh...and Davis is tagging right along and loving every minute, too. He dances in his stroller to the parades and I believe the Country Bear Jamboree is his favorite event at Magic Kingdom. He claps and jumps the the entire show.

Mary Poppins is a FAVORITE right now for Bowen and Caroline

Snow White is in the middle of telling Caroline how much she likes Caroline's red bow.