Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ahhhh a night alone...

...almost! Brantley has a night out with the guys, the munchkins are in bed and the laptop is free from my hubby's crazy facsination with FSU sports websites. Yeah me! I'm going to catch up on my lonely blog site:)

Speaking of a night alone, Brantley and I recently had a couple nights out. My parents came in to town to watch the kids as Brantley was "best man" in his college buddy's wedding. It was so fun and I'd have to say that Brantley did an awesome job delivering his best man speech. Wendy and Scott tied the knot on February 26th!

Here are a few photos from Wendy and Scott's wedding. We had SOOO much fun that we didn't ask anyone to take picture of the both of us. I wore SPANX for NOTHING!!!! ha!

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