Friday, March 18, 2011

My Boys

Bowen and Davis are growing little boys. We almost got out of "B's" 4 year and "D's" 4 month check up with flying colors. I mentioned to the doctor that Davis rarely has bowel movements. We're talking every 7 days...give or take. With a quick check (on his bottom) she called a pediatric surgeon and made an appointment for Davis to be seen the very next day. She was correct in her diagnosis. He had anal stenosis. For those of you NOT in the medical field, if Davis was a football player, he'd be a "tight end". It's easier to make jokes about it now. I was sweating major bullets when the surgeon performed his "in house bottom stretching procedure". UGH! I almost fainted. Poor sweet Davis has not enjoyed this week. First a series (4!!!) vacinations and then then Dr. Stretch (not really his name). We have a recheck at the surgeon's office next Wednesday. Davis has become quite regular since Wednesday. I'm praying this issue has come to an end (no pun intended!).

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  1. Great news about the regularity! Hopefully he's all better now!