Monday, March 28, 2011

Davis Gets Baptized

Davis was baptized yesterday in Tampa at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church. It is such a special place. We were married there and now have had all three children baptized in the church. I promised Father Reese that this was our very LAST ceremony in his church. He said that he remembers our wedding like it was yesterday. He was blown away that we were celebrating our third baptism.

It was SUPER special and I'll need my family to fill me in on what was said during our service. Bowen was AWESOME! Davis was an ANGEL! Caroline was in need of some serious holy water! She was filled with energy (a nice way to put it). I had an enormous purse filled with tricks. I pulled out every trick in the purse with no success in entertaining her. Brantley and I sighed a HUGE, "AMEN" when the service came to a close.

We just couldn't be more blessed. They keep us on our toes and we love them so much!

Little Blessing

St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, Tampa

Kodak Moment. Caroline DID NOT SIT STILL during the service. This was it!

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