Friday, April 1, 2011

Caroline Turns 2 Tomorrow!!!!!

My sweet baby girl is turning 2 tomorrow. That just makes me so sad. Time has FLOWN! She's so independent, beautiful, and SMART! She's our little wild child. Caroline runs circles around her brothers. Literally runs circles around them. And she's fast!!!! We'll celebrate her birthday tomorrow with a casual trip to the park and lunch. Sunday we're heading to MY GYM to give her a big bash with her friends. She's going to just live it up in that gym. Climbing and running is right up her alley!

I knew I'd be busy tomorrow celebrating our little girl and our anniversary (oh yah...our anniversary:)) so I thought I'd post Caroline's bday wishes today! Love you Sweet Caroline!

Thanks again Abby for your photography! Starry Eyed Photography!!!!!

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