Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ahhh the joys of swim lessons

Bowen and Caroline started their swim lessons last week. Bowen was a fish and I was so proud of how confident he was by day 2 in the water. He finished his survival swim in a week and is with a stroke instructor this week. I can't believe how much he has remembered from his infant training.

Caroline's survival training will take a few weeks longer. She is being introduced to floating, swimming to the edge, kicking, etc. She cries, but follows every instruction that the teacher delivers. She asks to see Ms. Penny(her instructor) each day and pretends to be a swim instructor at home. She lays her baby dolls on the floor and says, "1,2,3" and pushes them across the floor. She also gets down on her belly with them and tells them, "kick,kick,kick". Funny girl!

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