Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter 2011

It was a very happy Easter for the entire family this year. We woke up Easter morning at Mimi and Papa's house in Tampa. Bowen and Caroline quickly dug in to their baskets and had Peeps for breakfast. Nice! Davis watched all of the excitement and agreed to please his mommy by being stuffed in to his own basket for a photo opportunity.

You'll notice that Bowen is the only one NOT smiling in our family photo. He did not want to leave all of his new toys to go to church. our church service was followed by a backyard Easter Egg hunt and a very large lunch with Great Papa, Uncle Matt and Aunt Barbie. One of the photos below shows Caroline with her Great Papa. I think it is so special that the kids still have a great grandparent. We celebrated Easter at his church on Sunday.

Happy Easter to all!

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