Sunday, October 9, 2011

Bye Bye Diapers!

I can't believe I'm doing this again and will do it one more time. I'm potty training. Caroline said bye bye to her diapers this past Thursday and has not looked back (well, except to see her success in the potty). I took her to Target to pick out panties (princess of course!) and she found a princess potty that she HAD to have. Hey, whatever works! She held that super large princess potty in its box all the way home from Target. She's hilarious. She just stared at the box all the way home saying, "my princess potty".

How did I start the training? Well, I got it started the same way I started Bowen. I read somewhere to let your kid play out in the backyard(fenced!!!) diaper/underwear free. Ask them to water the flowers, grass, get the picture. Well, this worked like a charm for Bowen. He learned how to stop and start and figured out that he could control his bladder. I'd have to say that it had the same effect on Caroline. Messier for a girl,I know (I had to chase her naked buns around the yard to wipe her legs)but she got it. It clicked. No pee accidents for two days now. I also started Caroline with a kitchen timer. I would take her to the princess potty or the yard (weird I know) each time the timer rang. She would actually get excited to hear it but that quickly wore off and I stopped using the timer. She just didn't need to go so often.

If she was successful, she got her toe nails painted. After 3 coats of paint, I changed my reward system. You'll hear about that in the next paragraph.
She has not figured out #2 yet. She has asked for pull up diapers twice and has gone to her room, closes the door, and then tells me when she's done. Hey, I'll take it!

Celebrating her success is a family ordeal. When she pee pees in her princess potty she yells, "I did it, now let's march". Bowen and I (with Davis in tow) come running to pick up the potty insert and march (literally) it to the bathroom toilet to poor it out. Bowen sings the theme song to Star Wars and Caroline flushes the potty and then yells I did it. This happens MANY times a day. Bowen's excitement over Caroline's success it precious. He's told her many times that he was so proud of her.

This evening before bed Caroline sat on the adult potty and pee peed for the first time. She's really gaining confidence as the days go by. Tomorrow she will go to school in panties for the first time. Her teacher told me to send her in panties. She is very supportive of our efforts. Thank goodness!

Sorry I have no pictures of Caroline watering our lawn. I was too busy chasing her down for clean up.

Day 1 of potty training....

Me: Caroline, water the shrubs over there.
Caroline: No, the grass right here.
Me: Spread your feet apart, lift your dress high!
Caroline: (serious face) Awwwww...nothing!
Me: Are you sure? Try again.
Caroline: Okay, I pee pee! I did it! Now do my toe nails!

Our neighbors know for sure that I'm crazy!!!

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