Sunday, October 9, 2011

Playdate/Halloween Preview

Okay, so playdates these days go a little something like a little Star Wars WII (gets them fired up) followed by a snack (put a little fuel in their tanks), then a round of dress up and lightsabering, then a cool down with Star Wars Legos. Bowen and his buddy Evan love to dress up in Star Wars gear! But wait, Bowen is in an astronaut outfit. IIIIII know that, but Bowen seems to think it is a Star Wars Rebel jump suit. I found the astronaut costume a month ago and Bowen did not want to be an astronaut. He told me that he wanted to be a Star Wars character. He came up with it on his own. So creative and I get my astronaut for Halloween this year. WIN! WIN!

Bowen as a "Rebel Fighter" (Mommy's little astronaut)

(the true Star Wars Rebel Fighter Costume)

Feeling a bit guilty, I went out and purchased a Rebel Fighter helmet. We're all good!

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