Sunday, October 9, 2011

September Birthdays...

Brantley waits all year for football season while the kids wait for birthday season. The season is always kicked off by the Starstrom boys:) Here are a few photos of both of their parties. Davis and Caroline attended Drew's (#2)Construction Party and Bowen and Caroline acted like monkeys at Evan's (#4)Knights and Princess party. ADORABLE!!!!!!! Their mommy REALLY needs to be a party planner, while continuing her photography, AND a cake baker! A regular Martha Stewart!

Caroline asks me every morning, "are we going to a party today"? After asking for milk, and her Barnie show, and a muffin, etc. HIGH MAINTENANCE WOMAN!!!!! Wonder where she gets that?!?

I wish I would have taken more photos at Drew's party. I had my hands full and Brantley was not around to help. I think I got three shots and here they are. The first one is of Caroline at a "digging station". So cute. The kids could dig in sand and rice. They LOVED it! Davis had a great time watching the big kids.

Evan's Party

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