Monday, March 28, 2011

Davis Gets Baptized

Davis was baptized yesterday in Tampa at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church. It is such a special place. We were married there and now have had all three children baptized in the church. I promised Father Reese that this was our very LAST ceremony in his church. He said that he remembers our wedding like it was yesterday. He was blown away that we were celebrating our third baptism.

It was SUPER special and I'll need my family to fill me in on what was said during our service. Bowen was AWESOME! Davis was an ANGEL! Caroline was in need of some serious holy water! She was filled with energy (a nice way to put it). I had an enormous purse filled with tricks. I pulled out every trick in the purse with no success in entertaining her. Brantley and I sighed a HUGE, "AMEN" when the service came to a close.

We just couldn't be more blessed. They keep us on our toes and we love them so much!

Little Blessing

St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, Tampa

Kodak Moment. Caroline DID NOT SIT STILL during the service. This was it!

Lowry Park Zoo with Uncle Matt

Uncle Matt and I took Bowen and Caroline to Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa this past Saturday. The kids had a blast. Bowen was so interactive with the animals and just couldn't get enough of the zoo. We saw every type of animal. I don't think we missed an inch of the park. Ice cream eating, monkey watching, giraffe feeding, and camel riding were on Bowen's list of favorites at the end of the day. Caroline enjoyed walking from cage to cage. The simple things still excite her. She was so worn out, she didn't make it out of the parking lot without falling asleep.

Dino World with the Turners

We pass by Dinosaur World each time we ride to and from Tampa. Each time Bowen yells from the back seat, "DINO WORLD MOM, DINO WORLD MOM"!!!!! So, this past Friday I scheduled us to meet up with Heather Turner and her girls Camryn and Avery. Bowen and Caroline really enjoyed walking the wooded pathways and pointing at all the the dinosaurs positioned in the woods. They especially enjoyed digging for dino bones. Davis was there, but hidden in his stroller under a mosquito net. Poor thing! I thought the mosquitos were going to pick him up and carry him off.

Monster Trucks 101

Yes, Bowen intends on schooling his brother on the basics of Monster Jam. He's still crazy about his monster trucks. Yesterday he received a pillow pet from his cousins and named him "Grinder". Grinder is a monster truck for all you normal people out there.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Baby Doll Bath

Okay, so I gave Davis a bath yesterday on the back porch while Bowen and Caroline ran through a sprinkler in the yard. Hey...don't judge. You do what you have to do when you are watching more than one kiddo:) After bathing the real baby, the "other" baby had to get her bath. Caroline ran indoors and grabbed her baby doll. Bowen and I call her "Suzy". Suzy was quickly dunked into the small tub and this gave Caroline pure enjoyment for about 30 minutes. She would wash, then dress, and then wash Suzy over and over. Caroline definitely has that maternal instinct. She is crazy over her dolls.

At the end, Caroline decided to take a dunk, too. What a sweetie!

Davis turns 4 months!

Another incredible photo shoot by Abby! Davis turned 4 mths on the 10th of March. He weighs 15 lbs and is 25 inches long. All of his measurements put him in the 50th percentile. He's absolutely perfect!

Friday, March 18, 2011

My Boys

Bowen and Davis are growing little boys. We almost got out of "B's" 4 year and "D's" 4 month check up with flying colors. I mentioned to the doctor that Davis rarely has bowel movements. We're talking every 7 days...give or take. With a quick check (on his bottom) she called a pediatric surgeon and made an appointment for Davis to be seen the very next day. She was correct in her diagnosis. He had anal stenosis. For those of you NOT in the medical field, if Davis was a football player, he'd be a "tight end". It's easier to make jokes about it now. I was sweating major bullets when the surgeon performed his "in house bottom stretching procedure". UGH! I almost fainted. Poor sweet Davis has not enjoyed this week. First a series (4!!!) vacinations and then then Dr. Stretch (not really his name). We have a recheck at the surgeon's office next Wednesday. Davis has become quite regular since Wednesday. I'm praying this issue has come to an end (no pun intended!).

Monday, March 14, 2011